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was: 15d827aeff44c09febdbd07e174ba4ddf5deb380

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[AS7-725] Register URLStreamHandlerFactories with modules API

was: 883441507dbdd944b381129e23f00e2cf00c266e

Weld integration work

was: 6392d2d48b50bd90a724597e4334b31f73382055

Store all history files in _history dirs; use 'boot' instead of 'original'

was: c793bbfea9f431806da8de8b153ed62fe4ae3cfd

[AS7-701] Make system property handling consistent

was: c30273604710d450d1db971f5106828bf2ec14c0

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Fix up create-jms-cf description

was: 743235121d6a096993918806856eb2918b727d17

Fix reflection index bug

was: 144dd067dab0bef8c9c9c2f229bd865bf953b74b

Fix module loader

was: 7abca27b5b4a44d1be3228046f70feb0fecc6973

Provide more informative missing dependency messages

was: 4cf5f08495c116350bf7f8dcb013713fd7734810

AS7-709 updated create/delete JMS resources commands to work in domain

was: d2a0573120bbd66791bd2d53a0e25cf97b73cd14

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Move class and component configuration into one processor

was: 0abd6e8c32ec68541f703db11ff042e8f686585f

[AS7-700] make jvm-debug option a server property only

was: 9050eee00faf70022bdb25559ceeab470d1ca0f4

Factor port offset into unexpected port calc

was: 28891618246648e0d47e52e512bdcae0aa57a8ca

EE subsystem work

was: f3e42c6fd37fba71233c770e5f829d48b213e76f

don't require server groups when --disabled is present

was: 313ed36595726585ab924c6ece614da790ccb17b


was: 12e5162f8509ea0edb55a7a25138026fb0c3cb04

name value completion for standalone

was: 118b23e626cb7b3a1a4f72e90260c539444bee27

Ensure JMX sockets are registered as bound

was: c66e220cd224142a1949992fc76008c1842f5a05

Expose bound-address and bound-port metrics for SocketBindings

was: 35a4abaa18f89a76e0abce6b698b6bb351f6569b

Ensure sockets created by SocketBinding end up in the named registry

was: e7a91ac6b63809dd08a2e5d15b481219a1bc1358

AS7-679 updated help files for deploy/undeploy, tab-completion for deploy name argument

was: e9dd1abc718645621eb0a363b7351b66cf6eed8a

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[AS7-616] Let jboss-as-protocol notify clients of server-side failures

was: aa29d6d377d1b856393044ebd72cf8974bddd0d9

AS7-679 undeploy changed --all-server-groups to --all-relevant-server-groups

was: e9917ff52df030323ac3c9f636d2a649e619f2cb

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[AS7-693] Persist server-group deployment's enabled flag Handler server-group deployment marshalling separately

was: 9c8a8aabf1170dad495a748904ed645cb8c5fe09

AS7-431: fixed full-replace and make sure the PathContentServitor service is removed

was: fd2d9bc1d601f835930dd7fcc645793c531ac10e

AS7-679 undeploy --keep-content and deploy --name=app-in-repo

was: 9b9bfe62785299b84ef1f3b3dd344a5f5b5fe14f

AS7-666 added --all-server-groups as an alternative to --server-groups=group1,group2... to deploy/undeploy

was: cece0eeb2043bbc8acb047ca94f293ac3334ffbc

AS7-675: handle attributes for jvm:add

was: 4bffadfd7bdbe18e6d2bc0dff21aefd6e85eba6a

0 is a valid value for socket-binding-port-offset

was: 54d4c179411797dccc0cf9ec5f99b6de5bb9bc1c

[AS7-431] Create the correct operation structure for a domain mode deployment add

[AS7-431] Use the correct content add structure in DomainDeploymentManager

[AS7-431] Fix parsing and marshalling issues

[AS7-431] Use correct operation structure when HostController starts a server

[AS7-431] Use current JIRA id in failure message

was: 81a24f0ac1da4af49913c3b8e0ed2d09718b4970