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generic type command: added type operation help based on the operation description in the model

was: 03a2b0340c5cad7143e216cfa6d2237a84a283d0

Close provider registration in tests

was: b14c1042dab16a08ae6a9a9ea57060e99c72ea06

Avoid propagating the InterruptedException used to cancel async requests up to the NIO layer which leads to ClosedByInterruptExceptions

was: 3807fe7386d73cfbc92e90ea7b981773824af9df

Tidy up logging

was: 1b502d1d1fedf82bcf5efd85198fa508dcb3dee2

Add ServiceVerificationHandler add listener to BinderService so that deployment completion notifications work again

was: 4f476899785180a703237fb55529e98ef2e9960e

Log the results of deployment operations

was: 573fdd79bcf354fb4922e8babe22cfb132c01065

Clean up command line handling

was: 73eb560b1dbe35e6810b3326f40c18cafae421e6

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AS7-1127 Fix resteasy CDI integration in ear deployments

was: 5e6b8a94053abc8ae18faf451431bc54db6fdd9f

AS7-459 Separate domain preview profiles to their own file

was: 546f0b4d074ffcbebd9df4afb87c304732d6e9ec

Remove parsing cruft that requires a child element in threads subsystem

was: b4290660758a98446a9a26ec5db8a0f3c1d189ab

AS7-459 Create standalone-ha.xml, standalone-preview-ha.xml Remove remoting subsys thread-pool attribute Misc config cleanups

was: 973d6e9150faaf84547e4eb44bd2856d9ba89923

Don't try to connect when creating the management client channel strategy

was: 11980e90896d5a513bb3cd4f08f6873d952daa05

Better message for when communication problems happen

was: 9db8c511bac8a7e66aab85e542591778beec6c27

Get rid of late-night ClientException

was: 89b4ba8a9a210b0dddfcd6596d0528c0a77de58d

Ensure last is re-assigned during unwrapping to prevent an infinite loop.

was: e9f29b2e7d3738355682e36cdb677120c99c06ea

Add pings in protocol to detect things that go down ungracefully, since remoting does not do that for us in all cases

was: 4bf5542a2a249f15e9739f4d4c9de1acfe51c571

DumpServicesHandler doesn't need the controller lock

was: 4f4b6225590160269f7cd55e21af52b6f12a34bd

Clean up the bye bye shutdown stuff, and get ready for pings

was: 815720cb7072ff81d5646e9019aab2bc4fdfa028

fixing enum typo STANADALONE -> STANDALONE

was: 6300d45eec61b4b5c86c289ea08a77b0903b1b12

AS7-1118 AS7-1119 AS7-1121 Apply JPA interceptors once (and only once) to all Session beans

was: 1c59d25cde3ba8195868b816a2d1a5d4bd1ffd44

AS7-1115 Scripts to secure the managed domain

was: 199b91daa33fcac33341357e0e32d48b8f151627

AS7-1116 AS7-1110 Add support for the default Rhino Javascript engine provided by the JDK

was: 7b4a401f8a941ffdec91b87efb57db0039ebe8e7

generic type command: removed explicit type operations, added help --attributes and --commands

was: 67545f0a836e3535a1d2d4be05c967b2404f43ce

Reconnect slave to restarted domain controller

was: 197c9e675625d90accfe28671a6849b43a67bc24

Make org.jboss.vfs module visible by default

was: 3ac3d25812c594ecbf20023a31f48f4bdd697559

Avoid hangs when the remote end is closed, e.g. by :shutdown

was: 61f0e333e302e4fb50efb87810071a9b3687ef7d

moving WS EJB integration processor from POST_MODULE to PARSE phase

was: a7332249987f978c00933715d7d4e21b316d600e

Change handling of Class-Path so it no longer sets up dependencies between deployments

was: 7a20f68f9bdc590df48632a23ecb918ced5ab229

Change jndi dependency service to be per subdeployment

was: 565910eb4631256f8fe0fd39e980d8c684df1807

Get included profiles and socket-binding-groups working

was: 5e06e81055d0dfdd1a5f2d949d66b5b7c48f8602