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AS7-434: add a dependency on CLASSPATH in EjbDependencyDUP

was: ddb40e05069dd1e9a48975326254274da8c43fc1

Bad import

was: 0175fe40ee5c585a0982707e566d1ab162926293

getModelNodeRegistration() on operation context

was: 717681d8b19528cf435220bdcc6ae67dc69a06d5

Bootup process

was: 33af800e46bfb7343a92f9992993044358881029

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Fix NewOperationContextImpl bugs

was: f135cc4188dd173e8fc175bc5d26cf1a970ac39e

Use NewStepHandler in ModelNodeRegistration API Convert JVM operation handlers to NewStepHandler Misc tweaks to allow controller/src/main/java to compile

was: e0d87acdc5dfcffb9208d2ba27893bcf42b8d39c

AS7-786 fix completion of file paths starting with disc root on windows, disable escaping for command argument values on windows

was: 7eec7a6b337ab4e144931c7a87ff09d484488abd

[AS7-833] Properties file based repository of users for domain management.

was: 9c93124c3a22f154d61887282ddf9f1ad274656f

Fix NewOperationContextImpl stuff testing shows to be broken

was: bac955f964265ec1f2086c5d9cd63c1f517ad0f6

Add booting flag

was: ce75aa3ef4b651b362726f27cd360e79f01bb983

Corrected order of constants (Supposed to be alphabetical.)

was: 09163115b292c7d1f7d6c339dfb517bd5842455b

AS7-434: do not store model and expose a ModelControllerClient

was: 992324b68332fab4fa1f50fd6471b87ee2a05721

AS7-852 Implement @Resource processing for WebServiceContext type

was: bd4c84907330ce2c9614f86dae204c640f6393ce

Remove methods from deployment descriptor

was: b45ef54d6c110d35fd5ed75da6af985219de8051


was: 4af2f80cb7e7c466b859ee22d12e31e90a8aaa95

Base class for steps which add deployment processors

was: 1564d2f10e5f657ce27d41c69735903e59359cbc

Take proper action on the first state

was: fdcfc24e565c530ef24fdfc86146462520c54056


was: 2f0bbef3cd5cbad01998d0cd15265c1c86449bc2

Service verification handler; handles multiple services, waits until they are all stable

was: 4f41fc7a0fdbf4a1c7ed88fd7742781d2819d99d

Migrate update operation handlers to NewStepHandler.

was: d361c9501591980e230c6edf7599f6c750e2e7be

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Accommodate MSC API changes

was: d7fca7ec9cdcff8c7ae1403d617b818325e50e65

AS7-870 version command

was: 02f60e693f5185f74e0067db0425096be459f645

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[AS7-853] Fix deployment handling issues, add domain mode deployment tests [AS7-845] Don't use the mgmt name for deployments in the DUP's; use runtime-name Clean out the "system-content" dir notion from HostEnvironment/ServerEnvironment

was: 3b6b04d0b45b495c5d7b181c3651393a12e75ceb

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AS7-871 limit logging in non-interactive mode

was: 34c65e553a6c95dc5949287f3bfe9c1e1433d1f3

Fix javadoc links

was: e4e80c3bfb5083ffbe48b82fde0b33f711775e1b

Some clean up to place authenticators in a security package and the removal of @Override annotations where the method is from an interface.

was: c89e113bac78f4a6667f2b1a0f74ef30fff2519b

[AS7-868] Switch from using ModelNode.has() to ModelNode.hasDefined() when checking a node it defined.

was: 09e6c0cf5d50f73527e2ece1f9bb48c18e4bbc13

Further checkpoint of AS-648. Still have a class loading issue...

was: cbff052972c6f7756ee2eb6f4a8ad39007ec113e

AS-648, update to support configuration of process id

was: 152706006e07ce1d9d94ba0d9518b612c3fab0c4

AS7-648, initial update to support process id configuration

was: 5f6c4d929d4a6a027caceb41e304ef6a1f1f9596