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[WFCORE-2130] Upgrade to Elytron Web 1.0.0.Beta7

[WFCORE-2129] Upgrade to WildFly Elytron 1.1.0.Beta18

Merge pull request #2037 from stuartwdouglas/WFCORE-2124

WFCORE-2124 Undertow 1.4.8.Final

WFCORE-2124 Undertow 1.4.8.Final

Merge pull request #2036 from langfr/xnio-342-master

[WFCORE-2116 master] Update xnio to 3.4.2.

allow to specify version of org.wildfly.openssl.wildfly-openssl native bits

allow to specify version of org.wildfly.openssl.wildfly-openssl native bits

[JBEAP-12373] set version of org.jboss.jboss-dmr to 1.4.1.Final-redhat-1

[JBEAP-12576] upgrade jboss invocation to 1.5.0.Final-redhat-1

[JBEAP-12580] set version of org.jboss.modules.jboss-modules to 1.6.0.Final-redhat-1

[JBEAP-10000] set version of org.picketbox to 5.0.2.Final-redhat-1

[JBEAP-12589] upgrade Wildfly Common to 1.2.0.Final-redhat-1

[JBEAP-12592] Wildfly OpenSSL 1.0.2.Final-redhat-1

[JBEAP-12582] upgrade Remoting to 5.0.0.Final-redhat-1

[JBEAP-12583] upgrade remoting-jmx to 3.0.0.Final-redhat-1

[JBEAP-12598] Upgrade WildFly Elytron Web to 1.0.0.Final-redhat-1

Update xnio to 3.4.2.

Update xnio to 3.4.2.

Merge pull request #1929 from TomasHofman/JBEAP-6872-final

WFCORE-1971 Incorrect address completion when node starts with quote

Merge pull request #1962 from gaol/WFCORE-2007

[WFCORE-2007] standalone.sh fails to backup gc.log.#.current file silently.

Merge pull request #2024 from kabir/npe-mixed-domain

Fix NPEs in mixed domain by adjusting use of AtomicMapFieldUpdater.putAtomic()

Merge pull request #2025 from jfdenise/WFCORE-1695

Fix for WFCORE-1695, echo command, variable completion.

Merge pull request #2031 from stuartwdouglas/WFCORE-2118

WFCORE-2118 Start/restart/reload options naming should be consistent …

Merge pull request #2032 from ehsavoie/WFCORE-2119

[WFCORE-2119]: JMX notifications are duplicated on startup when registering the listener throught an agent.

Merge pull request #2033 from jfdenise/WFCORE-2120

Fix for WFCORE-2120. Simplified FileCompleter escaping logic.

[WFCORE-846] Some tests throws "Permission check failed" while run with security manager

Issue: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFCORE-846

Fix for WFCORE-2123. node path completion

[WFCORE-2121] Do not set an AnonymousCallbackHandler where one is not supplied by the caller, instead leave to be handled within the resolved AuthenticationConfiguration.

Fixing the intermittent failure on removing interfaces test case.

Fix for WFCORE-2120. Simplified FileCompleter escaping logic.