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Merge pull request #1608 from ctomc/jdk9

WFCORE-1374 - make code work with jdk9b112 and newer

Properly handle :undefine-attribute in domain sync-model

Properly handle :undefine-attribute in domain sync-model

Properly set only -ea for domain HC/PC processes

Fix for WFCORE-1626

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[WFCORE-1627] CLI tab completion should reflect current position of prompt. Enable DeployCompletionTestCase.

[WFCORE-1617] fix tab completion for cli variables and properties.

[WFCORE-1618] Just drop ProtocolChannelClient; this issue has lots of breaking changes in protocol module, no reason to deprecate this class and leave it around unused

[WFCORE-1618] Drop use of ProtocolChannelClient which is just an odd way to implement some factory methods Also standardize on ProtocolConnectionConfiguration instead of the ProtocolChannelClient.Configuration subclass which brings no added functionality

untranslate proxy translated addresses

[WFCORE-1618] Make ProtocolConnectionManager final; reduce class and method visibility where possible

[WFCORE-1618] Reduce method visibility; class is final, no uses in package outside this class

[WFCORE-1618] Drop no-op protected method for cruft bye-bye handling

[WFCORE-1618] Remove pointless hoops to get ref to 'this'

Merge pull request #1627 from soul2zimate/WFCORE-1611

[WFCORE-1611] fix CLI stuck if SIGINT is send during authentication dialogue.

Merge pull request #1638 from jamezp/WFCORE-1624

[WFCORE-1624] Upgrade jboss-logmanager from 1.0.3.Final to 1.0.4.Final

[WFCORE-1642]: Fix domain mode for configuration changes.

Calling /core-service=management/service=configuration-changes:add() will only return a warning and nothing happen on DC or HC.

Activating configuration-changes on DC/HC will propagate to its managed servers.

Starting a managed server on a HC with configuration-changes enabled will enable it on the maanged server.

[WFCORE-1618] Clarify ManagementClientChannelStrategy use by not having ManagementChannelHandler create its own strategy It's helpful to know which classes are using ManagementClientChannelStrategy.Existing

[WFCORE-1618] Get rid of pointless package protected FutureManagementChannel.Establishing; push code down to sole subclass

[WFCORE-1618] ManagementMessageHandler does not need to extend ManagementChannelShutdownHandle

[WFCORE-1624] Upgrade jboss-logmanager from 1.0.3.Final to 1.0.4.Final

[WFCORE-1624] Upgrade jboss-logmanager from 1.0.3.Final to 1.0.4.Final

[WFCORE-1618] Fix generics warn

Fix for WFCORE-1594. Add support for attached streams.

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[WFCORE-1579] Perform check when changing 'path' attribute of deployment-scanner instance

Fix for WFCORE-1614

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Merge pull request #1635 from wildfly/revert-1634-WFCORE-1614

Revert "Fix for WFCORE-1614"

Revert "Fix for WFCORE-1614"

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Next is 2.2.0.CR5

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Prepare for 2.2.0.CR4 release

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