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AS7-911: implement SessionSynchronization annotations

was: 33a69154c5e06267991985d3bf0ac220cf4b755a

Keep GlobalOperationHandlers compiling

was: 5670bae958ce20d640b6f8b3f56beb7f784f8969

JSF fixes

was: c893706373e557e44a8cfb0cdf20de546cd2c69b

Don't write to model if tx control denies it Handle OperationFailedException

was: 8a80119145365f3045c0a2b8a007fa9992e24bae

Operation context cleanup

was: 21d2831c407b1885a72be7aa2b5142c7a48cd954

refactoring in command arguments and command handlers with arguments and argument tab-completers to simplify the wiring between and remove duplicated code

was: 4b42124b717ba9c1bd14115b3bf0351e5a143e99

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refactoring of command arguments representation and parsing: limit names to full and short, avoid unnecessary re-parsing of the arguments during tab-completion

was: 03803a0618ad41f06f7925687a63fd3c0632a78a

Get rid of reporting compensating operations

was: 0600d411fc98c1f436e1f1895dc489ac95db281a

Fix composite op handling; enable composite handling tests

was: a06e30af8b58976e4965283e70d8d53d0a6a740a

Add tests of caller rolling back successful tx

was: 3a17a0f1d5c6001b2fd1f254b6cd6e840bd7133e

[AS7-858] Use delegation rather than redundant code duplication

was: 1e23c887e15a417d3041174a7363da48f3dff7f1

Provide access to the runtime to handlers dealing with rollback

was: 6a3f1bdb79fb6850dcbf6eafc58ec35b5b20d087

Use the ROLLBACK_ON_RUNTIME_FAILURE header outside the StepVerificationHandler

was: 53d18e91e3bb1b425f6b759703cfd224bf7b502c

Don't use flags scoped to a step to hold state scoped to the entire context

was: c117bdf6788997b8cb45d8e0879c8d92f19ef14c

Fix stage comparison

was: b1d7a5d0c93d10cc954efd288406326c15431545

Fix problem with response & op handling

was: 2ebebdf68c3f6d4d93d4a485a0be98f41530e890

Fix warnings

was: 0693fc2b371408934b20dc432db5a81a9a1f7549


was: 8d23b5c160a767dcd2069202bbc0ffa14ff94a47

Boot new server instead of old one

was: f9ba8eeef3759c926124da3e80eedeb61bb1a176

Remove useless import

was: 9b1aace3103c97dd541cb1edb0a5d40cb91d87fd

Work around compile issues in the controller module tests

was: 961ae1685df26c3b1edadebb2cdfb4a724d3f849

Placeholder for configuration persistence

was: 1a432bd73993b74d3fb89fb0491559875ffbc036

Rollback on runtime failure support

was: 6a266ad0d74594e0e5449ebd1a215785537d3b94

Add tests of new ModelControllerImpl; remove tests of old BasicModelController/ServerControllerImpl

was: 1ef5e653cd5b79615dcd30226a24f2cac72be656

Fix ServerService compile errors

was: c200155e20c6cc571e5d600c657dd1e6b6bd344d


was: 0bdb38656a11e1dbd74a81ddb29553c436471d6c

Add prepare step notion

was: e17c0a7d0abdaea8d279c8130db3c4e364f1af9f

[AS7-882] Additional change to correctly handle scenario where username is not found or not provided.

was: ec88f1a9bd422738f9953410235f3f624cd3d418

Workaround to clear the ContextClassLoader to allow access to the System ClassLoader when loading the dir context factory.

was: 51ca6e6c22c1521dc8b76a63bc411ffb85518aff

AS7-434: add a dependency on CLASSPATH in EjbDependencyDUP

was: ddb40e05069dd1e9a48975326254274da8c43fc1