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renamed create-jms- and delete-jms- commands to add-jms- and remove-jms- to be consistent with the corresponding operation names

was: 879c31a701cd1e0cd52ddf8f03da548bfae40f8c

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Fix up create-jms-cf description

was: 743235121d6a096993918806856eb2918b727d17

AS7-709 updated create/delete JMS resources commands to work in domain

was: d2a0573120bbd66791bd2d53a0e25cf97b73cd14

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updated help files wrt '--' argument convention, added arg value completion for history command

was: c37d93afb36343fe3c70378cb2f164f03fbe2c9e

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was: 504042983d2e8f71b271c81b7b1c5640cceded0f

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