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AS7-2438 consistent help format

was: 7d08747eb580031b9d318d7ac47f6b13412f26a8

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AS7-1741 consistent indentation in help files (use whitespaces instead of tabs)

was: 7698b63611e1c95e62ba9b812252aa7a8dcee62e

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AS7-679 updated help files for deploy/undeploy, tab-completion for deploy name argument

was: e9dd1abc718645621eb0a363b7351b66cf6eed8a

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JBAS-9218 tab-completion for undeploy and -l switches for deploy and undeploy

was: d0767bae93d6f8c8614c39f7cf0bdc4c38a7915b

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JBAS-9071 added name and runtime name to the deploy command

was: 31adaa606cd984d061e5ca483837259357788694

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