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[AS7-3525] Don't bring an EJB metadata dependency into the controller module.

was: 194487b8d15a3e5e77740a56020ddb029f350446

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[AS7-3525] Update to the JAAS authentication process within the realms to make use of the same security service as used by EJB3.

This change now means that the same authentication cache is used for all JAAS authentication so regardless of the entry point

or the point of the authentication a user will only be authenticated once and the cached value subsequently used whilst the

cache entry is present.

was: 9ec88df402c6a7b09d568159caa0cfc60e675011

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[AS7-1383] Follow on from the current thread association to allow for a SecurityManager to restrict access to update the association.

Also added SecurityAction classes for each location access to the association is needed either to read or to modify.

was: 2fd9700315d1386781fcadfb20a559354814bb62

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[AS7-1383] Associate the Subject of the current user with the current request.

was: 6d4f5e29f083f82ab5b24f0e94f6ee65ea858f87

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