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WFCORE-1981 don't use deprecated setAllowNull

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'incubator/pr/71' into ladybird

[WFCORE-2427] remove URI attribute from credential store resource

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[WFCORE-2659] masked password compatibility from previous versions broken

[WFCORE-2382] credential reference with {EXT} command ignores parameters

[WFCORE-2433] Fix credential store capability reference handling by credential-reference attributes

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[WFCORE-2425] Allow expressions in credential-reference attributes

[WFCORE-2415] credential-reference must have defined combinations of constraints

[WFCORE-2293] Add access constraints to attributes referencing Elytron capabilities.

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[WFCORE-2278] use PicketBox compatible masked passwords

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[WFCORE-2228] Convert legacy Subject reading and writing to work with a SecurityIdentity and InetAddress.

The protocol remains compatible with legacy hosts that may be managed by newer domain controllers, in that situation it will still be restored as a Subject.

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[WFCORE-2211] fix credential-reference def. check

[WFCORE-2210] fix wrong assertion

[WFCORE-2210] attribute resolve in getCredentialSourceSupplier moved to proper place

[WFCORE-2210] CredentialReference doesn't need to be destroyable

[WFCORE-2210] fix nonstandard credential-reference marshalling

[WFCORE-2211] CredentialSourceSupplier should indicate empty secret attribute by returning null

[WFCORE-2168] Remove CredentialStoreClient in favour of CredentialSource

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[ELY-810] adapting Credentails Store related classes to the latest API changes

[WFLY-7432] Fixed method description (getAttributeDefinition)

[WFLY-7432] Elytron key-store requires set credential-reference which is wrongly marked as optional

[WFCORE-1948] Add a permission checked API for in-vm invocations of the management tier to allow use of SuperUser role.

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[WFCORE-1863] Make CredentialReference thread safe

[WFCORE-1547] make CredentialStoreClient thread safe

[WFCORE-1547] javadoc and marshaling/parsing changes according to PR comments

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[WFCORE-610] Update the OperationContext to return an Elytron SecurityIdentity, convert Caller to wrap a SecurityIdentity and deprecate it.

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[WFCORE-1547] initial changes to integrate Elytron CredentialStoreAPI into the Core - Credential Reference

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WFCORE-135: replace jdk runtime permissions with controller runtime permissions, rework permission names to follow similar format

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1852] Move the access mechanism from a Principal to an operation-header

was: ea76fd12cb9a7305c5e795d9149a64f3f7f49c0c

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1864] Update the protocol so that servers receiving management requests from a trusted master can request a Subject to use when executing the operation.

For host controller to managed server interactions the two are always kept in sync version wise.

For master to slave communication the master must be the same version as the slave or higher i.e. a slave sending this new request will not cause an interop issue as the master must be at least a version that understands it.

was: eaff432fd8b51b875e5bf435fd48e63c82ccac91

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