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Merge pull request #2379 from ctomc/deprecated-api

WFCORE-1981 stop using deprecated api

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WFCORE-1981 don't use deprecated setAllowNull

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'incubator/pr/71' into ladybird

[WFCORE-2427] remove URI attribute from credential store resource

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[WFCORE-2659] masked password compatibility from previous versions broken

[WFCORE-2382] credential reference with {EXT} command ignores parameters

[WFCORE-2433] Fix credential store capability reference handling by credential-reference attributes

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[WFCORE-2425] Allow expressions in credential-reference attributes

[WFCORE-2415] credential-reference must have defined combinations of constraints

[WFCORE-2293] Add access constraints to attributes referencing Elytron capabilities.

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[WFCORE-2278] use PicketBox compatible masked passwords

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[WFCORE-2228] Convert legacy Subject reading and writing to work with a SecurityIdentity and InetAddress.

The protocol remains compatible with legacy hosts that may be managed by newer domain controllers, in that situation it will still be restored as a Subject.

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[WFCORE-2211] fix credential-reference def. check

[WFCORE-2210] fix wrong assertion

[WFCORE-2210] attribute resolve in getCredentialSourceSupplier moved to proper place

[WFCORE-2210] CredentialReference doesn't need to be destroyable

[WFCORE-2210] fix nonstandard credential-reference marshalling

[WFCORE-2211] CredentialSourceSupplier should indicate empty secret attribute by returning null

[WFCORE-2168] Remove CredentialStoreClient in favour of CredentialSource

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[ELY-810] adapting Credentails Store related classes to the latest API changes

[WFLY-7432] Fixed method description (getAttributeDefinition)

[WFLY-7432] Elytron key-store requires set credential-reference which is wrongly marked as optional

[WFCORE-1948] Add a permission checked API for in-vm invocations of the management tier to allow use of SuperUser role.

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[WFCORE-1863] Make CredentialReference thread safe

[WFCORE-1547] make CredentialStoreClient thread safe

[WFCORE-1547] javadoc and marshaling/parsing changes according to PR comments

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[WFCORE-610] Update the OperationContext to return an Elytron SecurityIdentity, convert Caller to wrap a SecurityIdentity and deprecate it.

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[WFCORE-1547] initial changes to integrate Elytron CredentialStoreAPI into the Core - Credential Reference

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WFCORE-135: replace jdk runtime permissions with controller runtime permissions, rework permission names to follow similar format

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1852] Move the access mechanism from a Principal to an operation-header

was: ea76fd12cb9a7305c5e795d9149a64f3f7f49c0c

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