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[WFCORE-2066] Added Kill and destroy operations at server-group level

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[WFCORE-2229]: Create serverside operations to redeploy deployments affected by an overlay.

Adding support for a new redeploy-affected method on deployment-overlays.

In domain mode, this is using transformers instead of the classic handlers: thus the operation is transofrmed in a redeploy operation for the target server-groups.

This impacts the ServerResolverOperation to convert locally the transformed operation into the real redeploy of deployments.

Adding a flag to redeploy affected when removing an overlay link.

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WFCORE-2118 Start/restart/reload options naming should be consistent for server in standalone and in domain mode

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WFCORE-1829 Allow server to start in suspended mode

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[WFCORE-1476] Management description changes

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[WFCORE-1340] Provide domain-wide data to HostInfo for use in ignoring resources

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[WFCORE-1340] Provide domain-wide data to HostInfo for use in ignoring resources

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[WFCORE-620] : JBoss Product Installation Report

Making WFCORE a 'product'

Using server environment

Fixing tests

Adding some infos about the last update date.

Adding Organization Identifier field in model.

Operation from the cli allowing to download the report(s)

Making the whole operation running on /host=*

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[WFCORE-762] Proper descriptions for clone operation

[WFCORE-382] Profile and socket binding group includes Make extra validation pluggable Rework the socket binding group resources to be more separate for domain and standalone

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[WFCORE-325] : Allow socket-binding-group-refType to override default-interface.

Now you can redefine the default-interface in the socket-bindings element of a server definition in the host.xml like this :

<socket-bindings socket-binding-group="full-ha-sockets" default-interface="public-two"/>

Or in the domain.xml you may redefine the default-interface of a socket-binding-group like this:

<socket-binding-group ref="full-sockets" default-interface="public-two" />

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[WFCORE-393] profile clone operation

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WFLY-1247 Initial core work on graceful shutdown

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[WFLY-547] track uncleanly unregistered slave hosts

was: 40855312b513e7585c1a2a73c6cc9df4bc044b14

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[WFLY-490] Wiring in a configurable access control system Add scoped role configuration

was: 9e4a6dfa29783624fd15b8b5e99aff64f9a478c3

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[AS7-6754] add blocking parameter to group start/stop/restart/reload operations

was: d408a311a92039a98beef44f34fec63d33570b3d

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Don't use deprecated apis & code cleanup

get rid of bunch of compiler warnings

was: 3a81ca0bd65bca01aa1f46009a137f48db2c7bc3

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