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[WFCORE-325] : Allow socket-binding-group-refType to override default-interface.

Now you can redefine the default-interface in the socket-bindings element of a server definition in the host.xml like this :

<socket-bindings socket-binding-group="full-ha-sockets" default-interface="public-two"/>

Or in the domain.xml you may redefine the default-interface of a socket-binding-group like this:

<socket-binding-group ref="full-sockets" default-interface="public-two" />

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[WFCORE-393] profile clone operation

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WFLY-1247 Initial core work on graceful shutdown

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[WFLY-547] track uncleanly unregistered slave hosts

was: 40855312b513e7585c1a2a73c6cc9df4bc044b14

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[WFLY-490] Wiring in a configurable access control system Add scoped role configuration

was: 9e4a6dfa29783624fd15b8b5e99aff64f9a478c3

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[AS7-6754] add blocking parameter to group start/stop/restart/reload operations

was: d408a311a92039a98beef44f34fec63d33570b3d

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Don't use deprecated apis & code cleanup

get rid of bunch of compiler warnings

was: 3a81ca0bd65bca01aa1f46009a137f48db2c7bc3

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