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WFCORE-1271 Description of worker attributes of IO subsystem contains escaped char sequences

WFCORE-1051 Worker's attributes of IO subsystem are not documented properly

Fix schema location rebase issue after build split

I forgot to move new schemas that were added after the initial split

was: aa2d0b92184cdd1f680552b15dbd27eb9b037f64

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Add Wildfly build plugin and change build to use this instead of ant scripts

This also introduces the wildfly core module that is used as part of the core build

was: bc25f172e8df437760d2a139e55bb7cec03c0cb4

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WFLY-1801 Move remoting to use io subsystem for workers

- fix worker defaults

- preserve backward compatibilty

was: e9349e25208a6764b0b0d15fa93abad2aa84b171

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