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[WFCORE-3337] Introduce capabilities in the logging subsystem to ensure configuration integrity.

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Refactor logging the subsystem. Moved resource descriptions into specific packages. Organized imports and removed construction generics where applicable. Reduced type, field and method visibility where allowed.

Use the Parameters constructor for resource definitions. Removed address methods in favor of using the OperationContext. Extend standard abstract OperationStepHandler's where applicable. Add the recording of capabilities to the update handlers.

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[WFCORE-2598] initModel should use the model CapabilityRegistry to register or its changes are lost

Add a deployment-scanner capability as a core consumer of the path-manager capability

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[WFCORE-171] Validate the file is not an existing directory before setting the file on a file-handler.

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[WFCORE-38] Add a target option of console for the console-handler which translates to System.console().

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly Logging module

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[AS7-5390] Add resolve-path operation for relative-to paths.

was: fd8bd3c78b3efe1ed318bc2d5d8329b48ee892c5

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[AS7-5525] Convert filters to use a string based expression rather than a complex object

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[AS7-4057] Add logging profiles to the logging subsystem. Profiles allow for applications to reference them and use their own configuration rather than the servers configuration.

was: 6dac9a766c831275db7a61fec44cc45dcfd8dfda

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Fix intermittent failures in logging subsystem unit tests As a precaution against similar problems on an HC, ensure PathManagerService is started before DomainModelControllerService

was: 4e6683275bb5347e91a8baa6612c7e767e7ebd4c

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[AS7-613] Remove services from the logging subsystem.

Integrate the path manager into the subsystem.

Copied in the configuration from logmanager. Tweaked to work with log4j.

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