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[AS7-1085] Keep the client side channel close handler open until we have handled the response

was: bda68ed56a0e099811cc2e0c504c77545030a7de

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Wrap the CallbackHandler being used when connecting to the server so that we can take into account CallbackHandler / user interaction when checking if we have timed out.

was: 1481120435b41ffe267c114a58d5ff202eeeb080

[AS7-1047] Additional switch to support anonymous SASL by default.

was: a0bf50bca52be85d351a855c47016cd3465b0136

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Readd a few of the missing logging pieces

was: d46058694901d7f0240a5f549e047b9f2ab99cb5

AS7-1082: fixing logs

was: 88b4f19e6e0a27a51a835b32e0e4ea0002ca433f

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Remove the transient dependency on jboss-modules from controller-client

was: 5399370f789a15c20845b574b3ac489018b3af94

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Get rid of extra stack trace

was: eb162a733031d0b3623eceb54d243fe9c7da1057

Allow the client a bit more time

was: 2aa794580fe23750135ad602b5bddcee5e015d2d

Configurable timeout. The management client uses<ms>

was: 5bcda10cd7dd563e693c5a10cb19f8f84a152887

Better handling of handleError and logging

was: 8d97a71547fad0e17d50d5ac8b805802aa25293a

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[AS7-1047] Ensure the OptionMap in use allows for Anonymous where required.

i.e. The client does not need to enforce authentication so can allow anonymous all the time, the

server can enable anonymous specifically when no realm is set.

was: 22a0041fca07ecf59ebbf29cc7ec108afedb835b

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Try to read to the end of the stream

was: 21ccb82a0b6f043a193a0f7fe3fce8d0ef00fddd

Get it working again with 'Connection reset by peer' errors by commenting out the awaitClosed() in the client

was: 2c7fa13c9310eeaf47fd40e04a9492e9d65070c9

Make it clear the client is not thread safe and remove synchronization

was: 2e17a3723806b8b13d0834ccca3f8a2f4b441d04

Try to get rid of the 'Connection reset by peer' messages by closing down writes and waiting for close

was: 0c1bc038027a3fd8b566dd540dc2bc700aac088d

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Replace my System.out.printlns with trace logging

was: 65a368357d67585cef96c746a67f7bebe422bc12

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[AS7-1057] Enabled authentication of the AS instances against their host controller.

was: a66074d44c01f3d30cb6f26344fcb28a81ab2efb

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Make sure the other end is alive in the establishing client strategy, and don't loop trying to get a connection

was: 98db0cc61948b6b7c45387001e5523255b496fc5

Get this thing build against the latest remoting snapshots Close the provider registration to free up threads Use snapshots

was: cf395a3d41b06423350646117c709b48446d0af3

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[AS7-1049] Added support to prompt for username and password from the CLI if required during SASL negotiation.

was: 1f2c6d280d013c3f3a34688646af884283b3ecf4

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[AS7-1048] Enable native interface integration with security realms.

was: cb98d74b8c817d852f2f6f292e8b324f6b5e1756

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Implement cancel for async client protocol

was: ab6b52558fa94824c3b9b86ada15fab87ced5f1e

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Set error on client if channel is closed

was: da5be305147c0bcc422625166f5636d7cdf2871f

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Fix bug propagating protocol exceptions and temp logging

was: c2dcb56a6956d396f4a6e0a7852ab71e95441b13

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Test and fix hangs when exceptions occur trying to connect with a request

was: 8c3f358b23ea8c13aac6b2b6ddb2d23321e3f9fc

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Attempt to make proxy protocol more resilient to infinite waits when things go wrong

was: f23c03f8fca8dd290a0193a63ede403c6a286a2c

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Don't fail on stopping already stopped channel

was: 94799e8bd252077a674f2872e4ea3c890c014d80

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Rework to latest xnio snapshot

was: 6eab767b1ca54749221fc6a5d50fa88ba425191f

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Reorder the channel startup sequence

was: 18ada4ff0f5249f3166eb1a0c8a70e7c42b9a746

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Make sure the callbacks for created proxies register the operation handler with the right channel

was: 079ee9c5363e7e765967d4d70eeb68da4e929782

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