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[WFLY-3381] Handle race between HC's cancel of an op and the original op

was: 61e9b19f6645bd2a5183f23a009837aee7048f32

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[WFLY-3362] make sure operations get cancelled on channel close

was: 89d132d5376f9706aefd34f6eee2bddfb4e83ce6

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[WFLY-3359] don't copy the streams into memory

was: 8906bb1d60da5170001c2b38d6daecb220976044

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[WFLY-3276] Misc fix: exception is constructed but not thrown

was: d7a02b8348f1c8fd209c7e6d295b4c2d6cf4fe80

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[WFLY-3090] Prevent mgmt op cancellation resulting in closing intra-process connections [WFLY-3091] Fix propagation of mgmt op cancellation to server update tasks Tests of the above and of WFLY-3058

was: ce496febf7fc5bcebbefc38690121e78d6d3d85a

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Spelling fixes

was: dd3724f600e00e9cc539066cf0bd359f73d62064

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[WFLY-2932] Don't hardcode the scheme when is used

was: 1c7bb04882e2befd63cf75f6836b06fca82b1b44

[WFLY-2864] WildFly Protocol Utilities

was: 8cab033484b65209c2e42d671ab9072624ca8186

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[WFLY-475] Firstly refactoring of ProtocolConnectionUtils to enable a ProtocolTimeoutHandler to be supplied to handle timeouts.

This allows clients to supply a ProtocolTimeoutHandler that can track all user 'think time' during the connection establishment process.

was: 31b1f106338b8f351b7028e604f28cfb704667cf

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[WFLY-547] track uncleanly unregistered slave hosts

was: 40855312b513e7585c1a2a73c6cc9df4bc044b14

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Set default option values before setting user provided values so defaults don't override

was: b5d4e07959440cf546b9d4a0d9f0d7e7ae6e2f61

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1852] Further enhancement to add an AccessAuditContext used for holding some state for the duration of the operation.

Whilst the OperationContext made a good candidate for holding some of this as soon as interaction with non-management components occurred this state was no longer accessible.

The use of a ThreadLocal here uses the Subject.doAs stye so we can ensure any previous context is cleared as the call returns up the stack.

was: 3de51331a6157c13eb820e915d886ce91067c4f3

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-2337] send subject as part of the same request message

was: 68cd38ccaa94c321760d29493c27f29be499eb41

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[WFLY-490] [WFLY-1818] Allow ModelControllerClient creator to disable JBOSS_LOCAL_USER SASL mechanism

was: 12806464665a51aabb245c7e5ca8b10e945d6cdb

[WFLY-1511] don't try to reconnect on shutdown

was: 3cdec9ddd4ab93ffb1302569cd7e8d58de125f66

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[AS7-5439] wait for operations to complete before shutting down the server

was: 76d1069970b0eb7393f8886683712f1cce366606

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[AS7-6646] Cut dependency of client side libs on security-util

was: 28e02ec37c1ff958cafd68c26d412c5f506965a8

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[AS7-6781] Make non-final constants final; reduce visibility in some cases

was: a823dea8c3c239e406ff7bad619f4fa19ba5d771

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[AS7-6646] Factor out a common security utils module, remove a few hundred anon classes

was: 8ca603eb9d166f94b4468ae38cae52022f1faac6

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[AS7-6382] Manually iterate the addresses assigned to the interfaces for link local addresses.

was: 7a54a3b98d84b4df17d98ba9ff403c48494b6e36

Remove all unused imports

was: 32769cf0f518874b8d956caf0315c02d6f342011

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AS7-6223 Temporary system prop based client bind address configuration

was: b8a9198566e13901ccf5f5f43a7a6fe0c9f4a658

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[AS7-5887] reconnect servers automatically

was: ed2bc551a55ec6a8167a8657cbb5d8abc6e07748

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there is no connection thread, so don't wait for the channel

was: ae70ee3c7fc3abfe8bef7eee1a84814d3883c05e

Upgrade checkstyle plugin

* new checkstyle also support JDK7

* fixed few problems that new checkstyle plugin found

was: 1cdbdb55b3dca11d46b1ccb53612f6f04cd04650

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Upgrade logging processor

* rename package with annotations to non-deprecated

was: 9cbfa27f669b0c66996e774940ed65582c44883c

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[AS7-4944] update managed server registration process

was: 9788e0cca415fc5a07a93e5962c4098caca2adaf

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workaround the remoting window size negotiation for now

was: a2f5398deabbac53e45f375b147e9fe7baa0966b

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simplify connection mgmt a bit

was: 5734c567b47747473187855c168de689fa21d827

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AS7-4841 Set up periodic pings between master and slave HCs; properly handle disconnections detected by them

split up applying extensions from the rest of the model

fix ping/pong mgmt headers

don't sync deployment files if they exist

Don't bother unregistering if the channel is already closed

AS7-4841 Use separate thread pool for slave initiated management requests

Promptly fail the slave registration process if the host cannot support it

was: 43a5a7db29b0efed39b06165acf23e4ca83bc32c

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