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[WFCORE-3393] For ManagementClientChannelStrategy.Establishing incorporate the ProtocolConnectionConfiguration connectionTimeout in the deadline for opening the Channel once the connection is opened.

[WFCORE-3183] CallbackKinds restriction for for CLI handler

[WFCORE-3145] Comment out unused logger methods

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[WFCORE-2917] allow-all-mechanisms, allow/forbid-sasl-mechanisms removing

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[WFCORE-2811] Remove JBoss Local User quiet setting from ProtocolConnectionUtil.

[WFCORE-2731] Restore recognition of user-specifical sasl mechanism properties and default use of quiet auth if the JBOSS_LOCAL_USER mechanism is used

Add back defaults for SSL / TLS connections

[WFCORE-2025] Restore using OptionMap for remaining non-security configuration.

[WFCORE-2025] Correct the priority when selecting the SSLContext to use with the CLI.

1. The SSLContext from jboss-cli.xml

2. An SSLContext from wildfly-config.xml

3. The default SSLContext that can prompt for trust decisions.

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[WFCORE-2225] Restore use of the configured client-side bind address

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[WFCORE-2121] Do not set an AnonymousCallbackHandler where one is not supplied by the caller, instead leave to be handled within the resolved AuthenticationConfiguration.

[WFCORE-2112] Non atomic updates

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[WFCORE-1954] Update to latest WildFly Elytron API changes for defining the SSLContext to be used for the CLI.

[WFCORE-673] Prevent NPE if the connection is null

[WFCORE-673] Close the connection asynchronously to avoid a hang in ProtocolConnectionManager.shutdown()

[WFCORE-296]: Switch URI scheme from remoting:// http-remoting:// https-remoting:// to remote:// remote+http:// and remote+https://

Changing also the URL format for JMX and the default protocol is schemas.

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[WFCORE-952] Use standard null checks

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[WFCORE-673] Modify the AuthenticationConfiguration used so that the available CallbackHandler and SSLContext are used.

[WFCORE-673] Adjustments to the CLI and Protocol modules so that Elytron backed security configuration will be used.

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[WFCORE-1618] Just drop ProtocolChannelClient; this issue has lots of breaking changes in protocol module, no reason to deprecate this class and leave it around unused

[WFCORE-1618] Drop use of ProtocolChannelClient which is just an odd way to implement some factory methods Also standardize on ProtocolConnectionConfiguration instead of the ProtocolChannelClient.Configuration subclass which brings no added functionality

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[WFCORE-1618] Make ProtocolConnectionManager final; reduce class and method visibility where possible

[WFCORE-1618] Reduce method visibility; class is final, no uses in package outside this class

[WFCORE-1618] Drop no-op protected method for cruft bye-bye handling

[WFCORE-1618] Remove pointless hoops to get ref to 'this'

[WFCORE-1618] Clarify ManagementClientChannelStrategy use by not having ManagementChannelHandler create its own strategy It's helpful to know which classes are using ManagementClientChannelStrategy.Existing

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[WFCORE-1618] Get rid of pointless package protected FutureManagementChannel.Establishing; push code down to sole subclass

[WFCORE-1618] ManagementMessageHandler does not need to extend ManagementChannelShutdownHandle

[WFCORE-1618] Fix generics warn

[WFCORE-1618] Move ManagementChannelShutdownHandle out of ManagementChannelInitialization as impls are not always associated

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