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[WFCORE-4822] Add version 12 of the management schema - Bump domain management version to 12.0.0 - Add KnownRelease.EAP73 as known release

Jira issue:

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[WFCORE-1110] Validate that the header names specified are valid header names.

Update test to test invalid header names are rejected.

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[WFCORE-1110] Minor updates following review.

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[WFCORE-1110] Add configuration to activate the custom headers.

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[WFCORE-4749] As version 11 of the configuration model is being updated between releases add a test case to detect changes.

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[WFCORE-4736] Vault system property security attribute value is revealed on CLI 'reload' command

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WFCORE-3501 Allow System properties to be set at parse time before extensions are loaded in standalone mode

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AS7-2234 Add the ExtensionRegistry notion; expose subsystem metadata as Resources

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Move StandaloneXml, DomainXml, HostXml out of shared controller module

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