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[WFCORE-2182] Distinguish lookup misses using the vault from 'system' problems with the vault

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[WFCORE-2182][JBEAP-8247] Distinguish lookup misses using the vault from 'system' problems with the vault

(cherry picked from commit e4e95924faad644b896dfd7ac4eae66f8ee2fc4c)

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WFCORE-1829 Allow server to start in suspended mode

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[WFCORE-610] Add resource definition so security domain and inflow security domains can be associated for management requests.

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[WFCORE-610] / [WFCORE-1602] Switch to an Elytron defined SecurityIdentity for Management and JMX.

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[WFCORE-1609] Allow static definition of the product slot. Have SelfContainedContainer use "main"

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[WFCORE-1609] Allow static definition of the product slot. Have SelfContainedContainer use "main"

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WFCORE-1510 Fix code to not use default platform dependant encoding

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[WFCORE-1159]: Add a runtime operation which shows filesystem usage and availability for known server locations.

Adding operation to all 'real' paths, to server/host environment and log files.

Displaying info about path, size, creation time, last modified and the resolved path.

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Drop never completed DeploymentAddHandlerTestCase.testContent as we don't intend to maintain it

WFCORE-806 Collect capabilty data & references

- make capability registry copy on commit/publish and rollback aware

- make capability registry standalone class

- expose registry to server entry classes

- simplfy registration classes

- add clear() method to capability registry

- Do not write directly to "read only" copy of registry

- implement removing of resources

- implement tracking changes to capability registiry

- use read/write lock for reading / updating registry

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[WFCORE-746] : Provides a UUID per server instance Provides a type 4 UUID for a server instance. The UUID will be saved in $JBOSS_DATA_DIR/kernel/process-uuid and will be (re)created on server instance startup if it doesn't exist. This UUID should be accessible through the Management API.

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setDelegate should be protected

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Consolidate DelegatingResourceDefinition

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Merge pull request #499 from jmartisk/WFLY-4354-default-ejb-methods

Wfly 4354 default ejb methods

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[WFCORE-452] Add RuntimeHostControllerInfoAccessor to the extension supplements

In the MODEL stage of the bootup of the host model, it is not known yet

whether we are a slave or a master, so make this information available

LATER in the bootup process.

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[WFCORE-502] Remove all OperationContext.stepCompleted() calls from core

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[WFCORE-400] : Remove <any-ipv4-address/> and <any-ipv6-address>.

Removing usage of any-ipv4-address and any-ipv6-address.

Only any-address + preferred IP stack system property is supported.

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[WFCORE-213] : Clean unreferenced items from the content repository

Now we are using ContentReference to track contents in the content repository.

Now we are tracking references to overlays.

Trying to use server group definition for domain mode.

Simplifying ContentReference

WFCORE-211: Fixing overzealous cleaning of HC content.

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[WFCORE-156] Defer validation of any-ipv6-address/ combo until interface service is actually needed

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[WFCORE-140] Resource for deployment should return 'true' from isRuntime() is 'persistent' attribute is 'false'

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[WFCORE-102] Make service verification and rollback of added services an automatic function a) core API changes b) also, removes use of SVH from interface management ops

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ExtensionRegistry should not cache any ManagementResourceRegistration so it won't use the wrong one if it's cloned

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[WFLY-1857] Remove ConstrainedResourceDefinition

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[WFLY-543] : Adding the new command "read-boot-errors" available from core-service=management to list all operations that failed during boot. It displays all boot errors with the failed operation and the failure description / exception of the error. Filtering boot-errors on operation addresses for making them visible. The operation params are currently hidden as checking for their visibility is quite delicate to do securely. Moving all core code from ParseAndMarshalModelsTestCase in ModelParserUtils so that we can close WFLY-CORE-11.

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[WFLY-266] Notification Support

* add notifications to AS7 resources description

notifications are described in :read-resource-description operation if

the notifications boolean is true

* NotificationDefinition let any resources describe the notifications

they can emit by registering them in the ManagementResourceRegistration

* add NotificationRegistry (exposed by the ModelController) to

register/unregister notification handlers

* add NotificationSupport to emit notifications during a managemenet

operations (through OperationContext.emit(Notification))

Notifications emitted by OperationContext.emit(Notification) are

effectively sent at the end of the operation execution if it is

successful. This ensure that the order of notifications emitted by a

single OperationContext will be received in the same order (unless they

are emitted during the ResultHandler execuion).

If the NotificationSupport is created with an ExecutorService, the

delivery of notifications is non-blocking and will not block the

remaining code path of the operation execution.


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Introduce an encapsulation of the various elements of the management model Use it support the copy-on-write/publish-on-commit semantic for ops that make management model changes

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Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #6237 from bstansberry/WFLY-2741-3058""

This reverts commit 1acc7ae0673749547845f290bb7bab1967dbd71e.

was: 13261bbb466bed0c840634a422db19f4505f0071

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Revert "Merge pull request #6237 from bstansberry/WFLY-2741-3058"

This reverts commit 56df5721bb734de8938f0024ab4865ae9b35d487, reversing

changes made to d2d25ce1e497e5522bfcf73aca0084e96fa2088a.

was: 1acc7ae0673749547845f290bb7bab1967dbd71e

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[WFLY-3058] Expose actively executing mgmt ops as management resources

was: 0d4c4441d4cdb94774cf1a2c2ee0c51ceb2de00c

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