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WFCORE-3266 Change default configuration to utilize a single simple mapper

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Work around the WFCORE-2235 problem to avoid intermittent failures for the known issue

[WFCORE-3218] Upgrade jboss-logmanager from 2.0.7.Final to 2.1.0.Alpha4.

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Fix for WFCORE-3236, iteration of collections for CLI

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WFCORE-3199 Make sure the permissions deployment unit processors are registered before the deployment chain gets created and finalized

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[WFCORE-3182] Set the name of the server to ensure the size of the syslog headers is predictable.

[WFCORE-3174] Ensure tests will pass once internationalized message bundles are added.

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[WFCORE-3073] Invoke the SuspendController if the BootstrapImpl shutdown hook runs when the server is in ControlledProcessState.State.RUNNING

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[WFCORE-3109]: Only one AuditLogItem is written

The queue should be cleared out of the loop.

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[WFCORE-3078]: Intermittent failure in AuditLogBootingSyslogTest shows that WFCORE-2923 doesn't cover every case

Changing the AuditLogger in the ResultHandler of AuditLogLoggerAddHandler instead of as a RUNTIME step.

Clearing the queue when writting log entries after the ManagedAuditLogger change status to LOGGING.

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[WFCORE-2997] Be more aggressive in skipping the unregisterMBean log record

[WFCORE-2997] Loop before failing AuditLogBootingSyslogTest

[WFCORE-2997] Remove the occasional extra jmx entries that happen when the ServiceLoader WeakReference is cleared resulting in audit-logged calls to unregisterMBean

Also improve error output for AuditLogBootingSyslogTest

[WFCORE-2978]: Verify that WFCORE-2923 fix is valid.

* Adding tests.

* Adding capability dependencies to ensure that the credential store is defined.

* Adding a dummy service to associate to the credential store.

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Fix for WFCORE-2883. Un-ignore failing test

[WFCORE-2917] Switch to using sasl-mechanism-selector attribute.

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WFCORE-2483 Extend HTTPSManagementInterfaceTestCase tests with usage of credential reference

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[WFCORE-2876]: Runtime-failure-causes-rollback does not seem to have effect when configured in model

The runtime-failure-causes-rollback wasn't properly propagated to the boot scanner.

If runtime-failure-causes-rollback is set to 'false' then failed deployments added at boot shouldn't be undeployed.

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Fix for WFCORE-2679. CLI, ignore failing test

[WFLY-8835] add test for custom-credential-security-factory integration

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[WFCORE-2528] Try reenabling the test

[WFCORE-2068]: HTTPSConnectionWithCLITestCase and HTTPSManagementInterfaceTestCase Failing Due To Native Protocol Issue

Renabling tests as they are now executing properly

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Fix for WFCORE-2860. Make ReloadRedirectTestCase to pass with elytron

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[WFCORE-2851] Stabilise CLIExecutor

1. Use standard Process.waitFor() instead of custom polling mechanism

2. Use standard CLI option --error-on-interact instead of custom

answering "Accept Certificate?" prompt

3. Always log CLI output

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[WFCORE-2865] Allow test to work with both the current default configuration and with Elytron enabled (-Delytron).

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fix fs realm ops

[WFCORE-2691] Realm identity resources replaced by realm operations.

[WFCORE-2803] Remove default wildfly-config.xml and ensure our callback handler is adapted for correct local authentication behaviour.

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[WFCORE-2828]: from wf-core fails intermittently

Executing stopping of the server out of the management-thread for a reload.

Preventing the ProcessStateListenerService from stopping while it is notifying its listener.

Cleaning the code :

* making the test code more usable

* using capability name for dependencies

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JDK9 updates

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