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Fix for WFCORE-4215, HTTPSConnectionWithCLITestCase fails with Elytron profile

Fix for WFCORE-4215, HTTPSConnectionWithCLITestCase fails with Elytron profile

Fix for WFCORE-4213, CLIAuthenticationTestCase fails with Elytron profile in Testsuite

Fix for WFCORE-4213, CLIAuthenticationTestCase fails with Elytron profile in Testsuite

[WFCORE-4002] JDK-11 - testsuite - tolerate SocketException packed into SSLException

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[WFCORE-4075] Proper cleanup of InterdependentDeploymentTestCase

[WFCORE-4025]: Intermittent errors on GitRepositoryTestCase.historyAndManagementOperationsTest

Test is failing if the snapshot date ands the snapshot name are equal.

Making test message clearer

[WFCORE-4025]: Intermittent errors on RemoteGitRepositoryTestCase.historyAndManagementOperationsTest

Trying to test the default Snapshot name in a more robust way.

[WFCORE-3768] Intermittent failure in SuspendOnSoftKillTestCase

[WFCORE-3974] Adjust AuditLogBootingSyslogTest test case to test number of operations within the audit log events instead of counting how many events they are chopped into.

[Git Configuration]: git backend for loading/storing the configuration XML for wildfly

Having it working properly in standalone.

Deleting content of the configuration directory before cloning so we have the on boot.

Fixing too many commits on boot

Allowing for git repository creation with the special repo 'local'.

Snapshots can take a comment that will be used as commit comment.

Adding support for managed content.

Removing domain support

Using tags for snapshot management

Integrating Elytron

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[WFCORE-3945] Reduce expected operation count as one resource has been removed from the default configuration.

[WFCORE-3396] Add management operations for certificate authority account management and for obtaining and revoking certificates

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[WFCORE-3920] Update test suite to use certificate generation utilities

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Fix for WFCORE-3829, ReloadRedirectTestCase failing with ibm jdk

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[WFCORE-3577] Add tests

(cherry picked from commit 2599bd02f964aa0751ce21ad61fe03ad8005fef1)

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[WFCORE-3596] Introduce named permission sets in the Elytron subsystem

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Fix for WFCORE-3672, Extend CLI security command with support for SASL and HTTP authentication

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WFCORE-3635 fix picketbox module usage

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[WFCORE-3698] Added environment contexts to activate when an embedded server is started and restored when the embedded server is stopped.

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[WFCORE-3633]: Read only mode is not properly supported for domain.

Updating the ConfigurationFile.InteractionPolicy for host / domain if the args are --read-only-host-config and --read-only-domain-config.

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[WFCORE-3622] Fix the SuspendOnSoftKillTestCase cleanup work

WFCORE-3595 SuspendOnSoftKillTestCase can fail intermittently

The issue is that TestUndertowService is designed for testing suspend/resume rather than an actual graceful shutdown. Because it attempts to perform a dispatch() and queue a task rather than just immediately setting a 503 response it is possible that this request will fail with a 500 response if the XNIO executor is in the process of shutting down.

It would be better if this test checked for a 503 before the skip-graceful request is made.

[WFCORE-3577] Add support for coloured output to CLI


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Fix for WFCORE-3575, CLI, failed connect side effect

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Fix for WFCORE-3447 CLI SSL security commands

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[WFCORE-2235] Fixing race condition that appears when the following scenario happens:

Module A depends on module B (optional dependency).

Both modules are dynamic (they're not present on the file system

but dynamically deployed at runtime). The following scenario exposes

race condition for this kind of dynamic modules:

1] Module A is starting and module B is not available yet

2] Module A during its initialization phase calls

ModuleLoader.loadModuleLocal() to resolve its optional module B dependency

3] Module A initialization thread registers "newFuture" with "moduleMap"

4] Module A initialization thread fails to find ModuleSpec of module B

5] ModuleLoadService representing Module B appears and is starting

(such service knows all its preconditions are met - its ModuleSpec is available)

6] MSC thread executing ModuleLoadService.start() (of module B)

is calling moduleLoader.loadModule(moduleB_Id)

7] MSC thread executing ModuleLoadService.start() (of module B)

enters ModuleLoader.loadModuleLocal() to find the module

8] MSC thread requests "moduleMap" and receives "newFuture" created in step [3]

9] MSC thread enters "newFuture" wait set and blocks (waiting for Module A

initialization thread to complete)

10] Module A initialization thread wakes up and identifies that (moduleSpec == null)

MOduleLoader.loadModuleLocal() will return null

11] Before method return "finally" sections is executed, where:

a) newFuture.setModule(null) is called

b) "newFuture" is removed from "moduleMap"

12] MSC thread wakes up and throws ModuleNotFoundException

This fix ensures proper ordering of resolution process for dynamic modules

and fixes aforementioned race condition.

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[WFCORE-3073] Ignore tests on Windows if taskkill without /f param doesn't stop the server.

See also

Mitigate intermittent WFCORE-2235 failures by reducing loop count to 1, temporarily making InterdependentDeploymentTestCase a test only for critical regressions