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[WFCORE-2997] Remove the occasional extra jmx entries that happen when the ServiceLoader WeakReference is cleared resulting in audit-logged calls to unregisterMBean

Also improve error output for AuditLogBootingSyslogTest

[WFCORE-2978]: Verify that WFCORE-2923 fix is valid.

* Adding tests.

* Adding capability dependencies to ensure that the credential store is defined.

* Adding a dummy service to associate to the credential store.

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Fix for WFCORE-2883. Un-ignore failing test

[WFCORE-2917] Switch to using sasl-mechanism-selector attribute.

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WFCORE-2483 Extend HTTPSManagementInterfaceTestCase tests with usage of credential reference

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[WFCORE-2876]: Runtime-failure-causes-rollback does not seem to have effect when configured in model

The runtime-failure-causes-rollback wasn't properly propagated to the boot scanner.

If runtime-failure-causes-rollback is set to 'false' then failed deployments added at boot shouldn't be undeployed.

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Fix for WFCORE-2679. CLI, ignore failing test

[WFLY-8835] add test for custom-credential-security-factory integration

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[WFCORE-2528] Try reenabling the test

[WFCORE-2068]: HTTPSConnectionWithCLITestCase and HTTPSManagementInterfaceTestCase Failing Due To Native Protocol Issue

Renabling tests as they are now executing properly

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Fix for WFCORE-2860. Make ReloadRedirectTestCase to pass with elytron

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[WFCORE-2851] Stabilise CLIExecutor

1. Use standard Process.waitFor() instead of custom polling mechanism

2. Use standard CLI option --error-on-interact instead of custom

answering "Accept Certificate?" prompt

3. Always log CLI output

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[WFCORE-2865] Allow test to work with both the current default configuration and with Elytron enabled (-Delytron).

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fix fs realm ops

[WFCORE-2691] Realm identity resources replaced by realm operations.

[WFCORE-2803] Remove default wildfly-config.xml and ensure our callback handler is adapted for correct local authentication behaviour.

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[WFCORE-2828]: from wf-core fails intermittently

Executing stopping of the server out of the management-thread for a reload.

Preventing the ProcessStateListenerService from stopping while it is notifying its listener.

Cleaning the code :

* making the test code more usable

* using capability name for dependencies

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JDK9 updates

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WFCORE-2774 - move to core WFCORE-2749 - move AbstractSlaveHCAuthenticationTestCase WFCORE-2774 move & remerge HttpMgmtInterfaceElytronAuthenticationTestCase from full to core WFCORE-2746 - use wildfly mvn plugin

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[WFCORE-13] Allow LocalModelControllerClient impls to treat calls as coming from users (and hence can't invoke private ops)

This is particularly relevant to embedded, where things like the offline CLI shouldn't mean users can invoke private ops

Also do some other header sanitizing with LocalModelControllerClient to prevent users submitting internal-usage headers

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[WFCORE-2747] Add a simple test for an Elytron management configuration.

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[WFCORE-2747] Add support for passing a wildfly-config.xml for Elytron support to the test server.

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Investigate WFCORE-2679. Added some traces, removed invalid shutdown case.

[WFCORE-2534]: SlaveReconnectTestCase fails with security manager in WF core

Fixing all failures due to security manager in core for now.

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[WFCORE-2532] Add permissions for logging tests when running with a security manager. Added workaround for LOGMGR-149.

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Fix for WFCORE-2216, handle http/https redirect

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[WFCORE-1762] Add a step to report overall op failure if the ContainerStateMonitor shows problems and it looks as if the problem wasn't otherwise reported

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[WFCORE-2254] InterdependentDeploymentTestCase fails with security manager


Revert "Reenable last remaining test disabled with WFCORE-1958 comment"

Reenable last remaining test disabled with WFCORE-1958 comment