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AS7-5078 if-else for the cli

was: d6d47f4b0c3970819d3e1102f3043d7798e5d03d

[AS7-5002] align resource and operation transformer registries

was: 27f19b72b8935933bdd5e1b9e61042a30e104225

Split JSF into its own subsystem, to allow it to be easily disabled / replaced

was: e1b072e142390545064c469f13b958cba6fcbe99

AS7-5046 help content try-catch-finally commands

was: 82eba8f5b567c1492fe0f6f5bbbb43b68d341e6e

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AS7-5046 a testcase for try-catch-finally; don't check whether a deployment exists in the deploy handler while in the batch mode

was: 645e42a8a85919940fd4f9d35cedaedbc427e655

fixed merge conflict

was: 3cb720a79c01f20273744799990bfcee1afe73d4

[AS7-5049] Allow bundles to get resolved/activated during deployment unit processing

was: cd5bd10874222d1a85249445bba8e094ba9809c4

AS7-5046 try-catch-finally control flow for cli

was: 06b756a7be6391e46fe5c09eb1ab21c7ccc9fd86

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[AS7-5002] alias, composite transformers and some test cases

was: 87691e1a97fa2a277c972b2fad7fb1663c0002f8

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JBPAPP-8860 - fixes for domain tests on windows

* DeployAllServerGroupsTestCase

* DeploySingleServerGroupTestCase

was: ef819b7b3540677984dacd5d070ce9c998daf3e6

AS7-5026 Cache the ExpressionFactory impl to improve EL performance

was: 9402d9b0f8ee74344c558ece14ecd6797b436a54

[AS7-5016] Invert the https check as a HttpsServer is a HttpServer but a HttpServer is not a HttpsServer.

was: 1ca2968b48f3668d1f1d47066a463334868c78b6

[AS7-5002] update the proxy controllers to transform operations

was: 1c76ab3b6d6a07bedf948ecb26218504f7c1a7f6

AS7-4258 Bump the management API version as this JIRA is an API change vs 7.1 branch

was: 3795fad3f462c76874989aed98d469d2ecffe5bf

AS7-5006 Use AttributeDefinition.resolveModelAttribute when configuring management security services

was: 2553809f93998c47903d76a9a583f51cf65ccf86

AS7-5001 Add micro versions to the management API

was: 03006ae3054e008f32e6c23e5bab662855534553

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determine whether it's an operation or a command in a cleaner way

was: 7d32baeb0b90cc7189d093f962fb4c76fcf21e9b

AS7-4017 CLI --commands attribute don't work with comma separated

was: 5dd3c523168ac5dae137e355da3f85dfc89711ca

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AS7-4784 Unify generic AttributeDefinition implementations

* added PrimitiveListAttributeDefintiion

* replaced custom impls of ListAttributeDefs with generic ones

* unify PropertiesAttributes

* clean up Properties and Map

* clean custom attr impls

was: bbe7ac95ab2edb386b52cf1a6e95450563667396

AS7-4992 Fix filesystem deployment scanning during boot time, where previously deployed files were ignored

was: 248c5e763b36e18e2ba64d69ac3c525008d18cf6

replace jline with jreadline for jboss-cli

was: 2f5f62686d9edb77f5d3ecc39531546d1d1f27b1

AS7-3950 Realm parameter was ignore

was: 00c74876fd93ace2c6abfc9b48f1836556ed8c91

[AS7-4884] When a file handler fails to be added the file service needs to be removed.

was: 509f9922264c8aa7d67b45add0a8f1207faad691

test case for AS7-2676, added jboss.cli.config system property to specify an alternative location for jboss-cli.xml

was: 0eea1bcc7b83d9b637e4a87ae8cb0f6b1bc83801

[AS7-5002] initial operation transformers registry

was: d6b0d4ffd9c3c2f63e120ae28af16485821e23c8

AS7-2676 support for system property resolution by the cli in command argument and operation parameter values, --properties argument for jboss-cli.sh, resolve-parameter-values xml config option

was: fb3c81f4538146fe1ed29b89cbd535cd2394177b

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[AS7-4468] Don't allow removal of a socket binding group associated with running servers in domain mode

was: b8cea2ed8cd2593ecb75f7fed5aebe652440f707

[AS7-4957] Minor tweak - input streams are only usable once

was: a47d5b5132e34bc293ffa884931dbfe3d2145932

fix for failed tests on windows

was: 3d4598e71261dc7ea279da151b07a29c3cea5952

[AS7-4957] Use a killable version of xnio pipe to handle operation attachments

was: 09ce13e8605d7d33428a46d772676d14d7eb79b8