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Merge pull request #1985 from jfdenise/WFCORE-1829

Fix for WFCORE-1829, added CLI reload support

Merge pull request #1986 from kabir/WFCORE-1829-fix

[WFCORE-1829] Keep deprecated method breaking compatibility in full

[WFCORE-1829] Keep deprecated method breaking compatibility in full

Fix for WFCORE-1829, added CLI reload support

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Merge pull request #1841 from stuartwdouglas/WFCORE-1829

WFCORE-1829 Allow server to start in suspended mode

[WFCORE-1400] If we have an SSLContext we need to switch on SSL for the server.

[WFCORE-1954] Switch the protocol to 'remoting'.

[WFCORE-2031] Mark legacy security realm and related attributes as deprecated.

[WFCORE-2044] Upgrade to JBoss Marshalling 2.0.0.Beta3

[WFCORE-2037] Elytron SupportLevel has now moved to package 'org.wildfly.security.auth'

WFCORE-2045 print warning when argument '--redeploy-affected' is not specified in deployment-overlay actions

It tries to print a warning message about missing --redeploy-affected in cases:

1. Action add, Creating an Overlay and linking it to deployments in one command when optional --deployments is specified

2. Action link, Linking an existing Overlay to deployments when required --deployment is specified

3. Action upload, Uploading content to an existing overlay when required --content is specified.

4. Action remove, Unlinking deployments when --deployments is specified, removing content when --content is specified, and removing the overlay altogether with its content and links if none of above is specified.

Merge pull request #1976 from luck3y/embedded_base_dir

WFCORE-1977 - fix embedded server property handling for jboss.server.base.dir & friends

[WFCORE-2040] Upgrade to JBoss Remoting 5.0.0.Beta9

[WFCORE-2039] Upgrade to Remoting JMX 3.0.0.Beta1

JBEAP-7372 Embedded Server ignores system properties when starting.

[WFCORE-2037] Elytron SupportLevel has now moved to package 'org.wildfly.security.auth'.

[WFCORE-2036] Upgrade WildFly Elytron to 1.1.0.Beta16

WFCORE-2021 reject argument * in address for command ls before submission to the server.

Merge pull request #1979 from stuartwdouglas/WFCORE-2032

Remove X509CertificateBuilder and replace with Elytron version

Merge pull request #1978 from bstansberry/any-ipv4-address

Better text; l10n team rightly found the current text hard to understand

Merge pull request #1977 from luck3y/WFLY-7453

WFLY-7453 Resource description should not contain javadoc style links

Merge pull request #1975 from rhusar/WFCORE-2026

WFCORE-2026 source-port is wrongly offsetted when configured to 0, i.e. ephemeral port; results in "Permission denied (Bind failed)"

Merge pull request #1973 from pedroigor/WFCORE-2024

[WFCORE-2024] - Optional JACC dependency to org.wildfly.security.elytron

Merge pull request #1970 from stuartwdouglas/WFCORE-2014

WFCORE-2014 Undertow 1.4.6.Final

Merge pull request #1969 from darranl/WFCORE-2017

[WFCORE-2017] Don't enable the access=identity service if running in embedded admin only mode.

Merge pull request #1968 from darranl/WFCORE-2009

[WFCORE-2009] Correct attribute validation to reflect that SSL configuration can now come from either an ssl-context or a security-realm.

Merge pull request #1964 from bstansberry/WFCORE-2010

[WFCORE-2010] Add a KnownRelease for WF 10.1

Merge pull request #1949 from bstansberry/WFCORE-1993

[WFCORE-1993] Correct description of provided platform mbean resources

Merge pull request #1781 from bstansberry/WFCORE-1556

[WFCORE-1556] Correct the handling of required vs nillable

backport WFCORE-1352 embedded logger fixes - 969c7804c895ebdfcacad79c3d3a74518ef53a60