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Merge remote-tracking branch 'incubator/pr/82' into ladybird

[WFCORE-2552] Correct xsd and attribute description to match RemotingOptions javadoc

[WFCORE-2549] Handle an undefined options parameter

[WFCORE-2549] Handle an undefined options parameter

[WFCORE-2551] Upgrade to WildFly Elytron 1.1.0.Beta32

Merge remote-tracking branches 'incubator/pr/74', 'incubator/pr/75', 'incubator/pr/76', 'incubator/pr/77', 'incubator/pr/78' and 'incubator/pr/79' into ladybird

[WFCORE-2550] Ensure client authentication is enabled when supported.

Adding Eclipse .checkstyle file under .gitignore

[WFCORE-2461] Credential-store attribute relative-to doesn't reference path as required

credential-store doesn't define "path" so this is not relevant. We have

description for property "elytron.credential-store.path" which should be


[WFCORE-2543] Upgrade jboss-logging from 3.3.0.Final to 3.3.1.Final

[WFCORE-2536]: JmxSensitiveTestCase fails with security manager in WF core

Fixes also WFCORE-2537: ModelControllerMBeanTestCase fails with security manager in WF core

[WFLY-8382] Elytron capabilities interfaces into _private

[WFCORE-2425] Allow expressions in credential-reference attributes

WFCORE-2500 Elytron: setting reload-required on http-server-mechanism-factory of http-authentication-factory

[WFCORE-2542] Upgrade WildFly Discovery to 1.0.0.Beta10

[WFCORE-2538]: DeploymentOperationsTestCase fails with security manager in WF core

Adding the required permissions.

update for jdk9 b155+

Fix for WFCORE-1496. Fixed rollout completion

[WFCORE-2540] Update JACC version and property name to match WildFly.

set version of org.jboss.spec.javax.security.jacc.jboss-jacc-api_1.5_spec to 1.0.1.Final-redhat-1

Merge pull request #2248 from jfdenise/WFCORE-1853-2

Unignore test failing due to WFCORE-1853 that should be fixed.

Merge pull request #2247 from jfdenise/master

Fix for WFCORE-1534. Generic command name issue

Merge pull request #2246 from ehsavoie/WFCORE-2530

[WFCORE-2530]: :read-boot-errors() operation does not follow its operation description.

Merge pull request #2245 from pedroigor/WFCORE-2531

[WFCORE-2531] - Validation of cardinality of attribute groups and object type attributes on PersistentResourceXMLDescription

Merge pull request #2244 from jairojunior/master

Change shebang to work with debian-based distributions

Merge pull request #2243 from ehsavoie/deployment-test-case

[WFCORE-2248]: DeploymentTestCase fails intermittently

Merge pull request #2239 from yersan/bugs/WFCORE-2329

WFCORE-2329: Include ServerAutoStartTestCase and ServerStartFailureTestCase tests in surefire

Merge pull request #2238 from aloubyansky/WFCORE-2520-quoted-expressions

WFCORE-2520 expressions in quotes and brackets aren't resolved

Merge pull request #2103 from ctomc/capabilites-api

WFCORE-2202 multiple dynamic capability name parts

Merge pull request #1901 from soul2zimate/WFCORE-1932

WFCORE-1932 validate resource subset-match in interface definition