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added domain support for the jdbc-driver-info command

was: fb531214e3b5bb70d0ae6106c0fb3757088e868b

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Add an element to EE subsystem to control property replacement in spec descriptors

was: 54a57bc1fd564c328f8377c184790619d7cfa70e

AS7-3697 @Ignore intermittently failing test

was: 1d24dae41069328961d3396cac3543fd33a40dec

Fix a problem with resource definition for xml authentication resource was registered with ModelDescriptionConstants.USER and should be ModelDescriptionConstants.USERS

was: d4ef0302a28d0b5c65003c318a5a28336c2f6561

AS7-2640 support for commands and operations spread across multiple lines with '\'

was: e402fcda462d3c887ed7b23400fd8c76f8111f6f

[AS7-4194] Added initial SPI to be implemented by plug-ins and added configuration to support defining the plug-ins and configuring their operation.

was: 8edf05067aa55760ce6e999e742cdd9420db8a6e

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[AS7-4527] update host-controller coordination

was: 5d0fb7ba163d27d1b00de18a9f46d278f46f3b62

Fix WS

was: baf3b5e8a00eb75372a9a09cc675071eb03793fa

Remove use of JDK specific method

was: 87babbc2957df9c7fffebf229e90f741af4de139

[AS7-4536] add-user.sh mangles permissions of mgmt-users.properties

was: c67fc94124aa5064e27d660d9e37cd33079e5939

Remove bogus import

was: ea538d6389bdc214631bb8502ee37e255e94c266

AS7-4222 Expose the PathManager via ExtensionContext

was: 1beb01f5a1b5fb916435f35ccf4a8315311edb4b

AS7-4509 Deal with multiple addresses matching an interface criteria.

AS7-4565 Support mixed IP address types

was: 03ad2a88a997d730f6144e0482bcf00d7029ad83

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Move checkParseAndSetParameter out of AD and into class that uses it

was: afc4e8d0837a4162f586162c4bae8281d8b76908

AS7-4525 AttributeDefinition validation wrapping should not hide characteristics of wrapped validator

was: 243266a7a3f9547065934503f52f4242852f6175

Was passing in the canonical File and equals use the abstract path name.

was: c224621941ec31cb7c2976a3e1f0fad6bf1016a4

Run a scan when adding the deployment scanner and add any deployments found to the boot operation

was: 62c76769cb030d36a73b0777f530a7c2b5d626c1

Fixes from code review

was: b6dc45c90fc47ab8ddaf67f13a31b8416e9d574d

Use check in PathManagerService.remove()

was: 1a28113c4860a510a71b4e1eea999267d21a0b81

Register system properties earlier in the boot process

was: 6695345e2a99221a9385cc4a133036d25a2d01a4

Relax node name validation in the CLI

was: ce61dcf95ae0f3a48b6326b81efe4bf8efac431d

[AS7-3427] Merge of cli archive command with deploy command

was: 34e8b23094f213d14f4ea6a0a7e3a9a51b823dda

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AS7-209 Only bind multicast socket to multicast address on OSs that handle it correctly

was: 4be22d7e05ac4032afc83c52b27ae3c6646734a8

AS7-4396 Validate interface refs on the domain; use AD in socket parsing

was: 2946d6b60e7e0f0b4f79847ad61cb1fe7dd8c144

minor help edit

was: 065bbd2f4e71e5466a1bb898963a507e183169e8

[AS7-4437] Comment out functionality until we decide on op name formats for 7.2.0

was: e7c4923072dc46135d449a3ee0e7021f47a86bd6

Integrate metadata property replacement for EE descriptors

was: 4bdf4210f50454a4091115bc0ae87a3a0942a25b

[AS7-4437] Add op handlers to add/remove jvm environment variables

was: 92d0c2ca8f6b6a53ae2f412d72228bb0cae4258d

AS7-4499 renamed command installed-jdbc-drivers to jdbc-driver-info, added help content

was: 55467e2090e0f201f44457abb29cadea6a8561bb

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[AS7-4487] Add an option to specify <local /> on the realm and allow the default and allowed users to be specified.

was: f32924b3843e5812c77c95c767fe6aa532a3858f