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JBAS-9020: allow unmanaged content items

was: d441ecee47404e66207e9797d50c40c65c781560

JBAS-9020: fix writing back standalone.xml

was: 9a2ba175631b4f62ec93c72ab0ca00866c2a2528

More fixes to Beta4

was: ea470d5faec3d84eba0d25ee0fb17b24dc420a07

JBAS-9020: remove usage of dmr from runtime operations and make the content come in via a service

was: feecd19f7cc501d98c66add72917babdbeca0dce

jboss.server.deployment.scanner.default was silently failing in embedded tests

was: a335f5f0934ce8c5ce3ca3fb6f519a4cda152acb

JBAS-9370 prefix arg names with '--', JBAS-9371 use named args for deploy

was: 8bfcc648f335249b4ef1863bad63fb90ae706c7a

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[JBAS-8931] Make packages from OSGi deployments visible to EE

was: d98455758eb891433ff33cc1cd358387cb89dc63

Onward to Beta4

was: 744d9d8792a0a35a4c0e06e9cdc4cda0b0814739

Prepare 7.0.0.Beta3

was: ca2ac177945fe0160db4f14ee15ff581fcf02480

Fix wrong dep that was preventing phases from ordering properly (fixes integration tests)

was: 4310aa87ecca59bfef4cb9fd0a664d328c061269

[JBAS-9348] Properly isolate state between tests

was: 81f6140aaa38c1ede82a589b12bd7ad1355b6304

JBAS-9020: rename DeploymentRepository to ContentRepository and create a 1:N relationship between deployment and content

was: c0f9b25aec7d73e694ee3478643848b56fbbce09

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[JBAS-9358] Register the read-config-as-xml operation handler for the local host.

was: 0cf890ebe5e6c2db81c1b8fd7944923f2c91a3d6

hide edit-batch-line, move-batch-line and remove-batch-line when not in the batch mode

was: bbc45c704c60cd7abe7f6d29f5b35a16e87442fc


was: 26dd012fd1488a8c875840c70fff18352a64c0db

display a node type in the cli prompt in addition to the node name

was: caa2c9f6444f8b7c7fcda2e027b235436d55b50a

after the command is added to the batch, display the command and its number in the batch

was: e6c6dd42db97c8d702f07e60e157667b96bd400e

minor, the actual topic name wasn't always properly displayed.

was: 9f2e9821d32a74c89c9d519e83b4524c7d16937e

[JBAS-9350] Make it possible to turn off inherited ops in read-resource-description

was: 823c3ff852bb0e437310a1e387b7b2727f8aedb1

[JBAS-9348] Report missing deps/failed services via the ResultHandler

was: 6c9f9fa517b99f7cbcca2255404728ebeb71ab1b

JBAS-9073 missing help files for the batch commands

was: 25aa9de41244eb15a71fda620da8cd5d7cd88192

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Fixup standalone and subsystem operation descriptions

was: 9b93d2dacefaba1a89d6f2337e2a75a5d5775504

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[JBAS-9010] Proper deployment state tracking part 2: Update operations to rely on controller to discover the end of processing

was: 96fb0f5ad512b073c817461a44bd08bd3b5391a5

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A new simplified approach to operation handlers.

was: aa88fe89cbff942138f651b9eb725ffca0439ef2

[JBAS-9088] Prevent concurrent execution of write operations

was: 969d736cd769e59807fb61416df8d9fc448dc9f3

Add IDEA inspections

was: 76c04de058c4afd4673b5cfd05fe2c49c428ba49

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[JBAS-9178] Retain base name in backups; don't historical dir from empty current

was: 9df7c9cdf48bbdf357e838a416c27904795efc53

[JBAS-9042] Close Pipe.outputStream Make it more clear what the RemoteProxyControllerTestCases are doing [JBAS-8930] Disabled ExistingConnectionRemoteProxyControllerTestCase as it's testing a fundamentally broken concept

was: 3ea9cb53e5ea92649846fd340bf2c35c11466ad3

[JBAS-9178] Avoid NPE when -host-config is set

was: 16db73e420ff3cee9ab417cbcfc86f78e986824b

Add processors to fire configurators for classes and components.

was: c364da16c131eb2e109478f28638c1b16b66aa49