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Next is 6.0.0.Alpha2-SNAPSHOT release

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Prepare for the 6.0.0.Alpha1 release

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[WFCORE-3912] Wrong permissions for domain/tmp/auth and standalone/tmp/auth dirs

Fix for WFCORE-3910, CLI remove dependency on jdk.jconsole

[WFCORE-3908] When adding property to remoting check first if it is valid

Merge pull request #3337 from kanovotn/WFCORE-3559

[WFCORE-3559] Remove FilePermissionTestCase.testFileDefaultPermissions

Merge pull request #3336 from yersan/bugs/WFCORE-3868

[WFCORE-3868] Notify the suspend listener when timeout is 0

Merge pull request #3342 from jmesnil/WFCORE-3902_maven_staged_repositories

[WFCORE-3902] Support Maven staged repositories

Merge pull request #3340 from jmesnil/WFCORE-3900_management_version_8.0.0

[WFCORE-3900] Bump the domain management version to 8.0

[WFCORE-3907] Rename wildfly-component-matrix-builder to wildfly-core-component-matrix-builder to be able to import it into Eclipse

Merge pull request #3339 from jfdenise/WFCORE-3844

Fix for WFCORE-3844, CLI upgrade to aesh 1.5

Merge pull request #3331 from darranl/WFCORE-3898

[WFCORE-3898] Upgrade PicketBox to 5.1.0.Final

Merge pull request #3335 from jamezp/WFCORE-3896

[WFCORE-3896] Fix custom-formatter descriptions.

Merge pull request #3332 from jfdenise/WFCORE-3829

Fix for WFCORE-3829, ReloadRedirectTestCase failing with ibm jdk

Merge pull request #3316 from fjuma/WFCORE-3864

[WFCORE-3864] Switch to using WildFly Common byte and code point iterators

Merge pull request #3274 from ropalka/WFCORE-3817

[WFCORE-3817] Eliminating usages of deprecated ServiceListeners.

Merge pull request #3248 from ehsavoie/WFCORE-3795

[WFCORE-3795]: ReadFeatureDescription doesn't return ObjectAttributeDefinition capabilities

Tests for [WFCORE-3743] Allow to search in the CLI multi-page output

[WFCORE-3923] Provide a profile to run enforcer rule for downstream projects - wildfly-core

Added a profile enforce-product to check redhat dependencies

Refactor logging the subsystem. Moved resource descriptions into specific packages. Organized imports and removed construction generics where applicable. Reduced type, field and method visibility where allowed.

Use the Parameters constructor for resource definitions. Removed address methods in favor of using the OperationContext. Extend standard abstract OperationStepHandler's where applicable. Add the recording of capabilities to the update handlers.

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Allow String versions of module identifiers.

[WFCORE-3897] set explicitly domain model to available before domain ops boot up.

Tests for [WFCORE-3568] Allow CLI output scrolling

[WFCORE-3902] Support Maven staged repositories

* add staging repository to MavenUtil

If the jboss.staging.repository.group System property is present, adds

JBoss staging repository to the remote repositories used to download

artifacts from MavenUtil.

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFCORE-3902

[WFCORE-3900] Bump the domain management version to 8.0

* add wildfly-config_8_0.xsd and bump the domain namespace to


* remove custom write methods from StandaloneXml_7, HostXml_7 and


Schema changes between wildfly-config_7_0.xsd and


* add WildFly13.0 to the enumeration for the id of the host-release


JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFCORE-3900

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remove license record for picketbox

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Fix for WFCORE-3844, CLI upgrade to aesh 1.5. Incorporates fix for WFCORE-3828, AIOOB exception on clear screen.

[WFCORE-3559] Remove FilePermissionTestCase.testFileDefaultPermissions

Fix for WFCORE-3743, search in multi-pages.

[WFCORE-3896] Fix custom-formatter descriptions.