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[AS7-4218] When an authentication is handled first using pure SASL we need to make better use of the JAAS based authentication cache - we don't have access to a genuine credential to use in the cache so we use one specific to the connection of the user.

was: 0af6108304784a8b30c1605429a8983b60faf186

AS7-4136 Not configuring port-offset in host.xml server element's socket-bindings element results in NPE

was: d2caeb9943786c5a16aae1d96bf4d9eac6baada7

Let the log-store resource manage it's own model sub-tree

was: bbb534c3c6ab6bd74d0355b059895df6d6cca65a

AS7-4265 added optional --module-xml arg to, so the user can provide an existing module.xml

was: ee103b8bae5c18541ecbbef5100558bbabe38137

AS7-4265 command to add and remove AS modules

was: 670b517a567c3a853b1110a0b13e4d6629eef97a

fix rollbackOnRuntimeFailure propagation

was: 13a495febc640a079948320b20e44db36fb51dff

AS7-4265 command to add AS modules

was: 8538bdddf0f0599af4c9da1f3c5105925a4bf788

[AS7-4138] install the services in the handler

was: a41e83e9955a052740d302a79a732cb581f73709

[AS7-4259] allow system-property runtime updates

was: 66e6f8e5331e0658c879811d67d79debebb02878

Finish deploy meta command. Add help button to display CLI help files. Start on undeploy meta command.

was: 15429a20e182bb15216b139eb29362cc8a98ea0b

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[AS7-4192] tweak execution path

was: 75bd7d63f50de53a477d0d54cc5551aff6d015e0

AS7-4234 - Remove unnecessary timeout

was: bb13c87a095ab7e3a10fb8bc7a304fface30d6be

Get rid of call to 'setup'. It was needed once upon a time but no longer

was: 991ab434d4190f6d7ff7c49f798c72987318c0a1

Fix validator to allow expresions on non strings

was: 3497f723792278822ba57aba252ded8016b3446e

Start on support for meta commands Add 'deploy' meta command dialog Add verbose mode to show DMR request Create generic help button to display CLI's meata command help text Support full display of multi-line commands. Create ServerGroupChooser component.

was: b3f318a8d6c4a8ce1107697e5b50a0649f9fb74f

AS7-4230 --silent prompt for password

was: 92268d91e235c9c180d83cd91ce609ff0ccf7ecf

some restart fixes

was: 5e28783ff034389f47a126060dc591e1795899e2

[AS7-3525] Don't bring an EJB metadata dependency into the controller module.

was: 194487b8d15a3e5e77740a56020ddb029f350446

Fix problem with PropertiesFileLoader added an extra line break to the end of the file

was: c57590b78f5b110f449b577b2fd78cee576f15c8

AS7-3963 Allow additional punctuation in user names added with add-user script

was: 0fa195184b26b0a4880fad22de070c053f45779c

PathManager framework and expose hardcoded paths in the model

was: 1b7cc99b547e7d9d01b9715238e7fdd9a59f3d33

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AS7-4220 description corrections for deployment scanners (by D.Ryan)

was: fb5af00d1d21de1f3a0e4c1ddd713994aa48b73c

for backward compatibility don't require --xa-datasource-properties argument for xa-data-source add command

was: 3d8065e36fb65870f8b6a76fd7967130e5a24c41

[AS7-3525] Update to the JAAS authentication process within the realms to make use of the same security service as used by EJB3.

This change now means that the same authentication cache is used for all JAAS authentication so regardless of the entry point

or the point of the authentication a user will only be authenticated once and the cached value subsequently used whilst the

cache entry is present.

was: 9ec88df402c6a7b09d568159caa0cfc60e675011

Switch to use new DMR request API

was: 07ec3ed843c3b51d2d2442ab2550f3bc4d563825

AS7-1738 describe --profile argument in the help content in the domain mode

was: cc6552b509eb8f85aace501b9125069d250bd924

[AS7-4116] update flags to maintain a consistent result format

was: 95071a95e216946fb8f221c5dff8535de9ede3ce

[AS7-2415] update error message

was: a3fc045caebda9574a3bcb4099fbfd3c851590d2

AS7-4190 overriden xa-data-source add command which also accepts xa-datasource-properties, also removed old and deprecated (and broken) hardcoded commands to manage jms and datasource resources

was: 6ad532ef48759304e0e7d29d4e2122ce2121cd50

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AS7-4177 Don't start runtime services for configuration-only interface resources

was: dfc168066b78f1d09f68e53213773152d4327f16