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fix OperationException toString

was: fafe6e4213e818f79049a5f8f5dd74b5b59f84ac

Add JSF Managed Bean injection

was: 0d48a36e0cb3fe8dcd0a0cff020bdd5b07ee5ea1

[AS7-794] Temporary workaround

was: 560205ca14029b1f4102273b0842e34b1571cbe7

Support setting management interface bindings via command line Make sure domain mode servers can run entirely from a cmd-line provided base dir

was: 48d00647a2baebfa7337cb1748c8b778be7f72b1

Fix the class level/method level @Interceptors processing on components

was: feb3a3a98162e329dca939f84dd96a174cc50b71

Do not cache methods from superclass within the ClassReflectionIndex

was: 67f7cd1424228ad5876d670ea29eab3bb67b3ad2

[AS7-431] Support unmanaged content on the domain Add some more content validation

was: ca68f54b4cc8d55cc0b5d0eceb1ab59c3ed85339

AS-774, AS7-710 fixing escaping special characters in request operations and filename args

was: b0d36bf46c888ff17b773576e7ab8e090168a27d

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Register VFS module for tests too

was: 8153a06ee549d013e2248959be5e09bf3bc35b2a

Register VFS module

was: c26ac6e3c7f1188402a03c6e40a4f5d4f2c927b4

Fix reflection index bug

was: 9043439fd67785b4f6a0ab61e34757ced5dec088

[AS7-431] Fix deployment content paths when FS scanner has a relative-to

[AS7-431] Use new operation param structure for high level deploy commands

[AS7-431] Fix descriptions

was: 442f752aa4a99ad9f859b3ef3ef609dd31c77d7a

AS7-710 fixed path index in tab-completion for windows

was: e58e55d1d4ac0eca39d150c1a78635925fb0bcea

AS7-710 use '/' as the separator for all platforms to make escaping special characters easier

was: b972cd830afc0dc7c774cb0f41e4958559f7530f

Fix weld EL evaluation

was: 0125e60319e47753a0177eb43b263447553c6aef

AS7-431: fixed full-replace for domain

was: 13948fb1d812b87e94346820abd91f78cb356a7d


was: 15d827aeff44c09febdbd07e174ba4ddf5deb380

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[AS7-725] Register URLStreamHandlerFactories with modules API

was: 883441507dbdd944b381129e23f00e2cf00c266e

Weld integration work

was: 6392d2d48b50bd90a724597e4334b31f73382055

Store all history files in _history dirs; use 'boot' instead of 'original'

was: c793bbfea9f431806da8de8b153ed62fe4ae3cfd

[AS7-701] Make system property handling consistent

was: c30273604710d450d1db971f5106828bf2ec14c0

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Fix up create-jms-cf description

was: 743235121d6a096993918806856eb2918b727d17

Fix reflection index bug

was: 144dd067dab0bef8c9c9c2f229bd865bf953b74b

Fix module loader

was: 7abca27b5b4a44d1be3228046f70feb0fecc6973

Provide more informative missing dependency messages

was: 4cf5f08495c116350bf7f8dcb013713fd7734810

AS7-709 updated create/delete JMS resources commands to work in domain

was: d2a0573120bbd66791bd2d53a0e25cf97b73cd14

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Move class and component configuration into one processor

was: 0abd6e8c32ec68541f703db11ff042e8f686585f

[AS7-700] make jvm-debug option a server property only

was: 9050eee00faf70022bdb25559ceeab470d1ca0f4

Factor port offset into unexpected port calc

was: 28891618246648e0d47e52e512bdcae0aa57a8ca

EE subsystem work

was: f3e42c6fd37fba71233c770e5f829d48b213e76f