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Change the way interceptor methods declared in the deployment descriptor are handled

was: 19a745e00f075c2f043110d59981f41adbab6e05

Fix CDI/EJB integration

was: e78bb1139e53509ca86491fb672c6fd5e4ca0ea7

Test for 'relative-to' value in correct place in operation

was: 0a8d61e80b6569e7bd254b1a5495d02af83cbe18

[AS7-865] Drop the 's' from management-interfaces.

was: 13ae916bd49f67d77f07baaac965f8e726a3599f

[AS7-862] Name the service container created for the host controller.

was: 10c6cc3ea68f0f534ffd89300f01d93efddd87dd

[AS7-811] Added to AbsolutePathService registrations within the HostController process. jboss.server.path."jboss.domain.config.dir" jboss.server.path."jboss.home.dir"

was: 05944cd757a075d9b8a2ba93eb339198f170b6fd

WIP interceptor ordering

was: 3036f95ed63f7f816190a6b89824fb6964702549

AS7-835: refactored EjbAnnotationProcessor into EJBComponentDescriptionFactory

was: 1123506b6de43c5ed290eab1a46b7344af386523

[AS7-856] Replace -DskipTests=true with -DallTests

was: 0294a1548f67ec6caf00c43f4a8d81d17741c4a7

Implement @Remove functionality for stateful beans

was: 3131c89b3f867227f50b5a36cdd46029e52ec4e8

AS7-786 CLI upload doesn't like Windows paths

was: 3b8a1ad16550d9dcf62775f6aeb76a77837042e8

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Remove unnecessary class

was: 655e3098a4c2200f5a6ad4d4579ae9262d85bc25

New version of ModelControllerClient that tries to keep breakage to a min

was: f0b9156f82ae9a3052396acebe6844aeed34e0fd

AS7-434: add classpath to deployment if running within classpath modular enviroment (requires exp-ejbemb)

was: 0976a25753f26e23ae7bab664f62635895adca6b

[AS-771] - Add additional operations to support updating logging configuration

was: 3fdaa5a0417cfaffa4a26a85854cc86b22538825

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Add system-property/boot-time to model descriptions at non-server level

was: 8c986cd353ba20b54a88e5619abb8bd46a033526

Add a global modules facility to specify modules that should be added to all deployments

was: 0f8b0547dec1ab985498a4057717124a557f53a4

Change the phase that component aggregation is run in

was: 3ccd5c059e0da4190bca2048a7ab9930f3043f3d

[AS7-828] Update POMs to use maven plugin versions inherited from jboss-parent Remove some unnecessary plugin config

was: dcaffe64430983e5bf573ef4887af0b59a6de866


was: d3dc623c3e6933caee7034281c09dbb9cac4c3e3

Better cleanup

was: 94d1fbe7849377e6aee8bc459dca133d0bd09179

Change the way @Ejb injection is performed

was: 6f1b992482adb00f056674f794da54264e61c3cd

Clean up interruption handling a bit

was: 1560b235d5ca563551b62c48d314451be916ab66

Only respect interruption on the initial operation; not on the cleanup side

was: 70ba9d6b309f974a8a8a8f35f88ce07ea346f4ae

[AS7-773] Deploy arquillian service on demand

was: 7ba45dda95aa60378a95c06cf4dc4373b7fe6f72

Fix AS-796, don't deploy jdbc drivers as bundles (for now)

was: 4d9705d9bf8e887f4b20bb2564f5841f6b5e5b2a

[AS7-781] Added support for relative-to when defining the keystore location.

Also split the SSLIdentity into it's own service and inject into the realm.

(This makes injecting a 'relative-to' into the service cleaner.)

was: ade01b37d271b44796f7416d7b5ff92f3b5299f8

Remove usage of deprecated methods in jboss-modules usages.

was: 23a4e52374a2a30b5008f8cd22d1bccf064a0dff

[AS7-805] Removed 'optional' value from xsd as it is not used within code, omitting relative-to allows for an absolute patch which the default would prevent.

was: bbbaeee458b3e970ab0086656578eec9f160641d

Fix @PersistenceContext processing on methods

was: ce826ebe5ce230327412e9cf95f4a44d2cf2c717