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removed previous version of echo-dmr

was: 90e98f4366afe594e0e0b44da4a872b32b13ec6b

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AS7-4003 echo-dmr command echoes dmr requests for entered commands and operations

was: 5fe3c04d4409cca5740bb0316d0c9bb59b4731f0

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[AS7-2264] The URLs reported for the console were not usable

was: b08c4cf5df0fe8d79daec7e01645eefb067dd5a7

AS7-3850 Use ReloadRequiredWriteAttributeHandler, fix marshalling order, misc fixes

was: e048e18530c7a9f6f37478158c3152a6f370b7f6

Update zanata-maven-plugin to 1.5.0

was: 07334a7a5c474c59583cb1bb6bcce646bb0bc620

AS7-3994 Apply 'connect' command IPv6 parsing to commmand line parsing

was: a0cef639909c259212ae208369632c285a20345a

[AS7-3991] Fix typo in command line help

was: 88b23178b0e378d79cb72b3366f2f8b226e5422f

[AS7-2342] Allow tmp, log and data directories to be organized by type.

Allow more than one additional configuration parser to be registered.

was: 1ef16af414d6862baaa375d730b3e97ea96c4a61

JBPAPP-8272 Typo in the validate-operation description

was: eedbcaadd08a0ec74d55e7485ecdf3664d87c7af

AS7-3866 throw an operation format exception if a head is not complete instead of ignoring it

was: 7a322df98bbea74926219e21fcbdd01127cd2d54

AS7-3951 operations w/o parameters fail validation when with headers

was: b7414cb02798e4828573db64bd9b421062ca6fd2

[AS7-3856] Add skeleton path service classes for backwards compatibility

was: 634592400ca01957cc5ae25aa9a0cde1f7f2e86c

AS7-3951 operations w/o parameters fail validation when with headers

was: 2ac536f7224a8d0443b0467322486f29b634eaaa

[AS7-2264] Make suggested fixes

was: e4d62038d590eac5485e4d5fc8c0ef8b09b52437

[AS7-3942] Report an error for an incorrect value and represent the prompt.

was: 5a46acb53c219a49a3c9f1eec675cdeb093a28d3

Revert "AS7-3495 properly populate jboss.controller.temp.dir"

This reverts commit f6da04c5a9c445bb222a84ef1797d098ad189d9a.

was: b3f691bbcc534ef429893e517d7c0a4dc3e5fbf7

[AS7-3885] Detect if no new line at end of the properties file and write one before new entries when appropriate.

was: a0320b9d9bcec5a42d79cd1c5653146c0935f8b3

[AS7-3769] Register the whoami operation as a global operation.

was: b3ce1eeab6369106ead7e2992c8d1605032d8e20

[AS7-3913] initalize remote repository for --cached-dc

was: 2bbdb8274fb814de74a6be7f612a20186d068f8f

[AS7-3810] Log an error if HTTPS is requested for the HTTP management interface but no SSL configuration within the realm.

was: 7e246d0172ffebbc6502335b6b2f258706f8539f

[AS7-2264] Log admin console URL on startup

was: 8c88681e6b7baa487c5d21ca065c0513c8f73024

[AS7-1412] Add Brian's fixes from review

was: 878eb44702b67e102ea21a349f0f3bdc082fa775

AS7-3916 Terminate processes on fatal boot errors

AS7-3916 Don't fail on missing deployment content during admin-only boot

was: 2758fc43f003d321f9179114f2137ef1a5a37865

AS7-3495 properly populate jboss.controller.temp.dir

was: dba3824207ca1e2965d289981d2a7007cdf2c9ec

AS7-3495 properly populate jboss.controller.temp.dir

was: f6da04c5a9c445bb222a84ef1797d098ad189d9a

update xml config persisters

was: 5b70e95f5a623d8503f31847a99d596d561f20bf

[AS7-3856] System.out.println

was: 474fb8d4c3a41784752b7b46c2e74186872208be

[AS7-3856] Add services for paths on host controller

was: 4f49a848462abf547f0c2c2b1ddb7765db68b333

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AS7-3721 make CommandContext.terminateSession() also close the connection to the controller, change throws clause of CommandHandler.handle(CommandContext ctx) from CommandFormatException to its super class CommandLineException, make CommandContext.connectController(...) throw CommandLineException instead of just logging the error msg

was: faab4333f136893524def5b98aa7331a8c2f004d

[AS7-1412] Use static import of ServerMessages

was: c6b7b3c724d23c397230fd506ec6f606fc3bc604