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[AS7-4658] Verify that the deploy operation is guaranteed to wait for the Bundle to get installed

was: 0416133c5f5f2c800c03bb92b80a33051f52c1be

AS7-4739 Fix Locale parsing

was: 60cba145a7385efce28c71f20b318b5aeac3a0ca

Fix messages to complain about jboss-deployment-structure.xml

and not jboss-structure.xml

was: ca93991d7e647c1373d21602c9c7086426339b57

Remove SecurityRealmRegistry and do a service lookup instead

was: b43c3072d338d9bc169e47df33d30b2b039f46ea

AS7-4736 Add permission check to CurrentServiceContainer

was: c6df894006a23259b2020b636c261b5f05390a3b

Revert "Revert "Make realms active instead of on-demand for now (AS7-2731)""

This reverts commit 5d3611a5460a9440e8b376c4449974fc7ebefc72.

was: 622d086707c076425f1d2d228b28ffb0a18697c3

Revert "Make realms active instead of on-demand for now (AS7-2731)"

This reverts commit ffdef62ce9670d6e4d88869efb4203fd9f331ee8.

was: 5d3611a5460a9440e8b376c4449974fc7ebefc72

AS7-4733 Report missing services even if unavailable dependencies aren't provided

was: 10de65debf9dad9c718f8e8380e294f2ca51388a

Make realms active instead of on-demand for now (AS7-2731)

was: ffdef62ce9670d6e4d88869efb4203fd9f331ee8

AS7-4732 system-property "boot-time" attribute should be boolean

was: 6ada08f4013609f080bb2a89aff726a8a186addd

Fix small thread safety issue

was: fc8a7e8d2e80f87182050627ed96361c16ee77a9

AS7-4603 Don't cache ContainerStateChangeReport used for service removal validation; always log latest when tick() hits zero

was: a009463824a76b8f77134484ccec7d21e7ed7b71

[AS7-4013] Check if the new user is going to be used by a server process and output the corresponding Base64 encoded entry.

was: 81672835b5ebda57fb2a9065fc2a71b3e309a17c

Include exception cause details in SVH failure descriptions

was: b21d7502ec26bdfb16835072e36a7e4a0b0c32c8

AS7-4614 Convert strings coming in via mgmt ops; add parsing/marshalling test

was: f861e1afc09a07511228a362a08498489ea25dc2

Relax duplicate checking, if address starts with host=>*,server=>*, then allow another one of each of those

was: 1a39a9c48e0cdb808997bd373a8478a329365ca2

fixed validation of arguments for move-batch-line and remove-batch-line

was: b04996500d980d6cd43ec4dddc864136c8aa893b

[AS7-4764] Implement --read-only-xxx-config and make that read-only, while preserving LAST and history

was: 435c862b9514bfcf0a036bb2b916ac3dc63b4f4a

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Add ability to turn system property replacement off in jboss descriptors, and switch it off in our default configs

was: 4f837a33de4803c5b4f93176b702728c5b81670c

[AS7-4194] Remove the lifecycle support for plug-ins as we can't detect the end of the authentication process as it currently stands.

Enhancing notifications for the life of connections will be revisited at a later point.

was: 69c1d56fcc84b00bacebc3dcaf2863060d010f7c

[AS7-4194] We don't need to manually implement a registry as MSC supports multiple injection.

was: 9f9ac3ba85f0a3473ce07a4d9dae5057b20dab66

[AS7-4696] workaround the controller-clint API in order to be able to deploy bigger files

was: 2b062e0db9520afb127213b7202e29f5036c14e2

don't load the attachment stream into memory

was: 3e69918331b1ef599b3f67d18225b55d3f03f964

[AS7-4194] Add plug-in support for loading roles.

was: 5987204cd06eb06b75c0b8d1e7c1b84ceab8f4c3

AS7-3575 Validate single socket-binding-group in a separate step

was: 3cb44805ac47ebad3f11dd42de7f50a3f4f16977

[AS7-4682][AS7-3863] Make read-resource handler return child resources in the order they are added

was: 843937345a7505d62d7f9917b15506f6f1c468ef

[AS7-3575] Ensure there can only be one socket-binding-group on server

was: 51ac170cc5a3608bcf0cb6eaaf27adee33f27db9

Added translations properties files.

was: 27b56ae78a60f42139d615b289efa32c21aecc69

  1. … 157 more files in changeset.
AS7-4458 Include subsystem version info in ExtensionAdd response; use it on DC to update TransformationTarget

was: 86ba8a18135d1f0d678acbebc5bb190701c7a683

[AS7-4597] Don't try to set the host results if the context failure description has the wrong type

was: 39d198ea496fa2c5627820d6897cd596825936ab