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Fix for WFCORE-4616, Layer for core security-realms and management layer update

[WFCORE-4615] Eliminating deprecated WorkerService constructors.

[WFCORE-4614] Remove unneeded throws statement and related org.jboss.as.cli class dependency

[WFCORE-4618] Upgrade to JBoss / Jakarta JACC 2.0.0.CR1

[WFCORE-4336] Add the ability for a user to add custom filters for loggers and log handlers.

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WFCORE-4613 Add missing validation for the URI of a ServiceURL.

[WFCORE-4612] ExternalModuleDependencySpecService should make dependencies on 'javaee.api' optional. Instead of adding an optional dep on javaee.api, add deps on the individual APIs, to allow flexible use of whatever is provisioned.

Merge pull request #3871 from ashley-abdelsayed98/WFCORE-4574

[WFCORE-4574] Adding code to shut down ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor cr…

Merge pull request #3901 from bstansberry/WFCORE-4607

[WFCORE-4607] Don't force a clone of the entire model just to check i…

change to dynamic capability in EnhancedQueueExecutorResourceDefinition; change the service value to ExecutorService; change to non-public for classes and methods that are not to be exposed externally; rearranged imports.

[WFCORE-4610] Since we no longer allow using the shared dir, try and create any unshared dir

[WFCORE-4610] TestModule should not write modules in any *build/target or *dist/target dir

Merge pull request #3902 from fl4via/WFCORE-4608

[WFCORE-4608] Upgrade undertow to 2.0.25.Final

[WFCORE-4608] Upgrade undertow to 2.0.25.Final

Merge pull request #3900 from xstefank/WFCORE-4606

[WFCORE-4606] Upgrade Jackson Databind to

Merge pull request #3899 from ehsavoie/WFCORE-4603

[WFCORE-4603]: Replace Deployment --runtime-name option not working.

[WFCORE-4607] Don't force a clone of the entire model just to check if a couple child resources exist

[WFCORE-4606] Upgrade Jackson Databind to

Merge pull request #3892 from stuartwdouglas/WFCORE-4599

WFCORE-4599 Handle wildfly-config.xml better for authentication

Merge pull request #3896 from jmesnil/WFCORE-4604_ignore_RemotingSubsystemTestCase.testEndpointConfigurationViaSubsystemRoot

[WFCORE-4604] Disable testEndpointConfigurationViaSubsystemRoot

Merge pull request #3895 from xstefank/WFCORE-4580

[WFCORE-4580] Upgrade JBoss Marshalling from 2.0.7.Final to 2.0.8.Final

Merge pull request #3894 from fl4via/WFCORE-4600

[WFCORE-4600] Resolve problems with ByteBufferSlicePool usage that are affecting memory footprint and causing leaks

Merge pull request #3893 from fl4via/WFCORE-4601

[WFCORE-4601] Upgrade XNIO version to 3.7.3.Final

Merge pull request #3886 from jamezp/WFCORE-4579

[WFCORE-4579] Upgrade jboss-logging from 3.4.0.Final to 3.4.1.Final

Merge pull request #3876 from fl4via/WFCORE-4556

[WFCORE-4556] Upgrade jboss-remoting version to 5.0.14.Final

Merge pull request #3866 from jstourac/ocspSoftFail

[WFCORE-4571] Value of 'soft-fail' attribute in 'elytron/trust-manager'…

[WFCORE-4605] Test applying legacy one-off patches to a slimmed installation

[WFCORE-4603]: Replace Deployment --runtime-name option not working.

* Taking the runtime-name into account when replacing 2 deployments.

Jira: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFCORE-4603

[WFCORE-4604] Disable testEndpointConfigurationViaSubsystemRoot

Test is failing intermittently on WildFly CI (success rate < 95%)

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFCORE-4604

Merge pull request #3878 from fl4via/WFCORE-4552

[WFCORE-4552] Upgrade Undertow to 2.0.24.Final