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[WFCORE-2328] CLI connect command should accept a --bind parameter

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[WFCORE-3427] LocalUserServer is no longer public but was never public API.

[WFCORE-3427] Upgrade WildFly Elytron to 1.2.0.Beta10

Next is 4.0.0.Alpha4

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Prepare for 4.0.0.Alpha3 release

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Merge pull request #2926 from TomasHofman/JBEAP-13553-master

[WFCORE-3408] Error on startup when multiple FIPS Credential Stores a…

[WFCORE-3425] Ensure the file that backs a KeyStore gets created if it doesn't exist and wasn't flagged as required when attempting to store the KeyStore to the file

[WFCORE-3305] Add more runtime operations to the Elytron key-store resource for advanced KeyStore manipulation

The new operations are as follows:

* generate-key-pair

* generate-certificate-signing-request

* import-certificate

* export-certificate

* change-alias

Merge pull request #2750 from JiriOndrusek/WFCORE-2853-master

[WFCORE-2853] - Referral mode 'throw' for searching groups in legacy …

Removing dead code (it was used for OSGi integration in the past)

Merge pull request #2811 from jfdenise/completion-markers

Fix for WFCORE-2283. Completion for alternatives,requires and required

Merge pull request #2940 from bstansberry/drop_transform

[WFCORE-3418][WFCORE-3419][WFCORE-3420] Drop transformers to versions prior to EAP 6.4

Merge pull request #2945 from ropalka/WFCORE-3423

[WFCORE-3423] Eliminating usage of MSC listeners in test suite

Merge pull request #2944 from bstansberry/WFCORE-3422

[WFCORE-3422] Make immutable field final

Be strict about avoiding unnecessary calls in PersistentResourceXMLDescription. If all the code will eventually use this parser/marshaller we want it to do the minimal possible work.

[WFCORE-3422] Make immutable field final

[WFCORE-3423] Refactoring - no functional change. Eliminating usage of MSC service listeners in test suite.

[WFCORE-3412] elytron-tool.* scripts use SEP variable

[WFCORE-3417] - JmxControlledStateNotificationsTestCase fails with security manager with IBM JDK in WF core

Merge pull request #2182 from yersan/enhancements/WFCORE-2066

WFCORE-2066 Kill and destroy operations on the server-group

Merge pull request #2930 from bstansberry/child-count

[WFCORE-3415] Faster resource tree size calculation for getMBeanCount()

[WFCORE-3420] Drop logging subsystem transformers to versions before EAP 6.4

[WFCORE-3418] Drop remoting subsystem transformers for versions before EAP 6.4

[WFCORE-3419] Drop core model transformers for versions prior to EAP 6.4

This also drops testing of the subsystem-test subsystem for EAP 6.2/6.3

Merge pull request #2777 from bstansberry/WFCORE-3259

[WFCORE-3259] Fail if running the transformed boot ops on the legacy …

Merge pull request #2819 from jfdenise/long-output

Fix for WFCORE-426, CLI, automatic long output pause

Merge pull request #2937 from soul2zimate/WFCORE-3406

[WFCORE-3406] explicitly get the exclusive lock for standalone server in BlockerExtension

Merge pull request #2936 from soul2zimate/string_comparison

Fix string comparison made in WFCORE-3347

Merge pull request #2903 from jfdenise/WFCORE-3363

Fix for WFCORE-3363, CLI to output JSON

Merge pull request #2847 from jfdenise/for-loop

Fix for WFCORE-3236, iteration of collections for CLI