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AS7-1741 consistent indentation in help files (use whitespaces instead of tabs)

was: 7698b63611e1c95e62ba9b812252aa7a8dcee62e

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Fix the appclient interface add operation params Do some housekeeping on the flags

was: 9f6b5fcab2475110e437bb7f00382c907bc06fdb

remove useless throws clause from the method declaration

was: e6dbec33c1beba127e823e81aa18f5100703fd41

AS7-1989 Operation requests accept unrecognized properties

was: da02afbb07ffeb5533e2715058d668a6623bd7aa

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fix app-client interface add operation and require a reload when updating the interface resource

was: 220f8212f5fd20779bfa28949c342bd4a108ac1c

fix occasional NPE, bug in initializing operation and node property map

was: a560619abc5376c501089f02d413ae4530de3ce2

Javadoc fix

was: a865280cb9b41e3d9bd821591f0cbbddba7ccd37

[AS7-2194] only use the remote repository on slave hosts

was: 8ddd62848e9a981ae8a199ad28e7b30fc707e622

Restore the legacy 'criteria' attribute and the 'name' attribute Don't allow expressions for boolean interface criteria since we can't persist the expression

was: 3ed335a8458e2be647ecb26baba30a67aa2e269d

generic command stuff: AS7-2183 don't require id prop, AS7-2182 add jms generic commands, check whether the operation supports specified property names before sending the request, improved generated help contents, argument value converter - an experimental converter which supports both DMR and custom format value parsing.

was: 3ef53fea5fc2076763f6588461f0f95d335bec6a

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[AS7-1978] Unable to load native libraries

was: 7c280eb1188f4d76697e3c723ad14a30551fb963

[JBWS-3276] support for POJO JAXWS endpoints not specified in web.xml descriptor

was: 3ff03b4fab40a0c071bb2e34a76711aabac2fe84

Fix issues with running on JDK 7.

was: 0012fe7987308b022220d1fb402d985c2a1dfae7

Add the ability to bind stuff to JNDI via standalone.xml

was: a0aa8b77654940e71eb45cf437927906b77457a2

Fix OFE construction

was: 3a014c21bf690573b6ca9ac6a4f7bf958bc9cc61

[AS7-1838] Added support for pre-digested passwords when the locally managed AS instances authenticate against the local domain controller.

was: 1239ee30a6e9e5657b3abbae9480097a719106e1

Order system properties from the RuntimeMXBean

was: 495b945ef31b165914ce65e7198816064e90554e

Convert socket-binding to ResourceDefinition Handle string expressions in inet-address and loopback-address criteria

was: ca9053cac36183abac41eff5c781da337340936f

Convert socket-binding-group to ResourceDefinition

was: bdc5ff3eca4b0131b542aaad650d4b75fafa94d3

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Fix application exception problem

was: 99ad59dc3950e84e4f8f7f1e9462cd7b59645dfe

Better integrate AttributeDefinition with write-attribute handling Fix EJB3 describe op handler

was: 6586a2b8f77c972604706070b3a7673947ae1d2c

Remove per-cpu thread config

was: ffa3183d934c79c716ae00a47e58e951b79c0dd7

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Add global modules option to app client

was: 55d8f664f4911aca7c7182c11f78f8bb46241c98

Make exception more informative

was: 42117853ca24de7ddbc0d6f03ccef79917b44711

More application client and EJB fixes to do with lifecycle methods

was: e2ae6179c7c127644897c0a6cdc34be1f38f2001

AS7-1608 Fix how ModelCombiner tries to pull deployments from the DC

was: ef19bd4edf675c370040e160c7dd8fb1482f6676

AS7-1608 Make sure slave host pull needed deployments on boot

was: 0960d6c45bbf4c65b4934458cf9e6eca24244549

AS7-1898 Reduce controller-client log noise

was: 59a700a16e6b194166056c69be6b5f29c0122712

AS7-2110 Don't create multiple remoting Endpoints; clean up remoting resources

was: 5724d5dd2dd22c8ae0529658a728308aa2114735

Fix issues with the root logger property assignments.

was: a341d1a4642d424c3dbcb26a21d7963e29871c45