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JBAS-9238, JBAS-9239

was: 2b9cc9472cfda2e3227fc2ce2a186909585c43d9

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JBAS-9237 TldParsingDeploymentProcessor must run before WebComponentProcessor

was: 05fa03f36f2689f6405b0a403b5a9a35daa3bfe8

[JBAS-9134] Flatten the jvm resource attributes [JBAS-9128] Initialize all jvm resource attributes

was: aee913687aa9c488e8f00f2c297afc538fbf9b71

fixed mac key bindings (thanks pilhuhn)

was: 6ef802b771955037b241ee0f1d8a94ca75fa30b4

fixed mac key bindings (thanks pilhuhn)

was: dab31db00ea8ab407c01f5006c74ef4d6ff00afa

Add the an option for extended class visibility ears to jboss-deployment-structure.xml

was: 062b408a96ddc98976d0fed3ca77c949f83e435e

Report deployment complete more eagerly when there is a failure

was: 704fc8ee9d483f66e47a1da4ee52147e02b2a765

[JBAS-9195] Fix message

was: fa0eab08ca6c4463f65d4a3d180e37395014f844

[JBAS-9112] Create an 'operation-headers' section in operation requests

was: cfaf79cbee972a03558b3ac38367f01ada45d3cc

JBAS-9225, add LOOPBACK_ADDRESS to the elements handled in writePropertyInterfaceCriteria

was: af12c9e68332d0d02b2aedfa215bd6ddc08917f4

[JBAS-9226] Don't auto-deploy when .undeployed marker is present

was: 4d7ed2feae6d5af1bbedd2d8c5ec0ff7e0bd8228

[JBAS-8990] make sure thread factory services all have proper name patterns

was: 83b767aa050702c90ae279aa5637eb8a3b06ab34

[JBAS-8999] remove usage of default thread factory from server

was: 150b49ec621adceeb6d7b9861a98226673ba6360

[JBAS-8998] remove usage of default thread factory from process-controller

was: f6fc072484d171bb5c5a8de723b2cd90fb50c495

[JBAS-8996] remove usage of default thread factory from host-controller

was: faf8a545c97c2c8f21807610f162383bd67e05a9

[JBAS-8994] - Remove the use of default thread factory from deployment-repository

was: e5fa0b6d0ba1367021351b8c371dbd86d3969830

[JBAS-8995] - Remove usage of default thread factory from deployment-scanner

was: 0a8aa684b8a1b489bf74e08f2d45a1fc38f382cc

Next is Beta3

was: a544a3b888a224ac3df48d48b531e55b4cc7d938

[JBAS-9223] Framework for new view description classes, binding, injection, and interceptors

was: e90dbdc470dafc3c0b1e0a719c182d96489b87c9

refactoring in command arguments parsing and related utility methods

was: 0dec8096241c827d614836162d26517f6dffcd91

Prepare for 7.0.0.Beta2 relase

was: bbffb80931a73b6d7f64923db044f7f9cad895f1

Reorder phase for release

was: 98e2480cdf28939322d53facebb705e13c07e865

move to install phase

was: 7c84d83f00c28213e568df9cce4d9d98e91d90ad

[JBAS-8992] Update jboss-as-controller-client thread factory to provide thread names.

was: 59140478f8106570dbfd8bddc7c735f76170d60e

Use URLs instead of files with tests that lookup resources on TCCL

was: 0d8dbd3c15970952d4ded1c1d994f1b033febecc

Fix URL handling of paths with spaces

was: e914bbb600716fedbcef80c137196bd141f2d0cf

JBAS-9218 tab-completion for undeploy and -l switches for deploy and undeploy

was: d0767bae93d6f8c8614c39f7cf0bdc4c38a7915b

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[JBAS-8943] Reinstate callbacks for server registered and stopped. Respawn crashed servers and reconnect servers to respawned HC. Remove the old protocol tests and create currently disabled test respawning things in domain mode

was: dac5f2d52af5d9ccfaca9783a70368f7d188ff49

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was: 09e19bf58dd9f5689cfa974966ad690f5a9e6a5a

[JBAS-9216] Remove incorrect cast

was: 7c2ead13e0c3857bd92d0f937453c6245e48a4b6