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[WFCORE-452] Add RuntimeHostControllerInfoAccessor to the extension supplements

In the MODEL stage of the bootup of the host model, it is not known yet

whether we are a slave or a master, so make this information available

LATER in the bootup process.

Bit simplifed API for defining and using parsers

Merge pull request #402 from ctomc/build-cleanup

Few JDK9 related & general build fixes

[WFCORE-513] During reload, boot from mainFile in the normal case

new jboss-parent & checkstyle that supports Java 8 syntax

[WFCORE-540] BZ1165172 fix.

[WFCORE-452] Add enum to control whether transformers should be registered etc.

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[WFCORE-495] set resource isRuntime value as per persistent in DeploymentFullReplaceHandler

Merge pull request #433 from bstansberry/WFCORE-504

[WFCORE-504] Allow any server-group scoped role to read non-server host ...

[WFCORE-514] Use lastFile as the snapshot source when persistOriginal is false

[WFCORE-584] Allow embedded to start an empty config

ConfigurationFile housekeeping 1) Add lots of comments 2) Get rid of mainFileName; same as mainFile.getName() which is what's used in all but the 1 spot we used mainFileName 3) Add a couple asserts 4) determineMainFileName doesn't need configurationName param as its value is always the same as a final field

[WFCORE-452] Wire extension resources into host model

so that we can add extensions there.

Remove unused ConfigurationPersister impl

[WFCORE-584] [WFCORE-511] Support reload in the embedded server

[WFCORE-512] Upgrade jboss-logging from 3.2.0.Final to 3.2.1.Final

[WFCORE-232] : Unclean shutdown of deployment scanner

Avoiding tracing the exception when the Executor is shutting down.

Adding a test to check that reload does occurs whithout blocking.

Merge pull request #443 from bstansberry/WFCORE-500

[WFCORE-500] PathRemoveHandler.createSpecifiedNoServicesInstance should ...

Merge pull request #438 from ehsavoie/WFCORE-507

[WFCORE-507] : Unit test FileSystemDeploymentServiceUnitTestCase fails on IBM JDK.

[WFCORE-584] Add more options to embed-server command

Use a static-discovery element for our default slave HC config. It segues better into listing multiple options

[WFCORE-2740] Avoid noChildRegistry failure

[WFCORE-500] PathRemoveHandler.createSpecifiedNoServicesInstance should create a handler that actually doesn't use services

[WFCORE-584] Let apps that embed WildFly control the LogContext

Update plexus-utils to 3.0.21

JBIDE-19029 - Error: 'Attribute name is not allowed to appear in element sub-deployment' in two Seam examples

[WFCORE-498] Moved logging integration tests from WildFly to WildFly Core.

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WFCORE-493 Modules imported with "annotations" flag have their indexes calculated on the fly if no static index is attached to them.

[WFCORE-507] : Unit test FileSystemDeploymentServiceUnitTestCase fails on IBM JDK.

As ByteMan can't attach itself to a running process with IBM JVM then the test fails.

Adding the ByteMan agent for these tests.

Merge pull request #432 from aloubyansky/WFCORE-501

https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFCORE-501 ServerGroupAddHandler should ...