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renamed create-jms- and delete-jms- commands to add-jms- and remove-jms- to be consistent with the corresponding operation names

was: 879c31a701cd1e0cd52ddf8f03da548bfae40f8c

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Relax the WARN message logged for .war/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF folder. The WARN message will now be logged only if that folder contains any files other than persistence.xml

was: 93b0b3d793af71789a0a53c37aa761c127a0f740

Port additional deployers from master

was: 1edded85c44054b66a8d055e0dba4e1eed3044b6

Add support for transitive module dependencies

was: 0dda3ba46a6869f9dcacdaa61db9659aac2f4b93

AS7-962 Add sun.jdk module

was: 9f8aa69e08252b8facdc3f8f1fa9b652ec4d38c8

[AS7-948] Don't write the default port-offset; fix <host><server><socket-binding-group> as well

was: 356ec6bd0161edfd46b42ffe55961d52884eb7f0

Fix ContainerStateMonitor usage

was: 03356f85bf4e26cb7585adfc58a590aca8b813ea

[AS7-948] Fix XML marhsalling error with socket binding group port offset of 0

was: e9a969f81e8e7e9f0e7529da9a81a810ad07f766

Make DeploymentReflectionIndex report errors better

was: 7a24f87b4745e80cc64a98663a6170235e027ba7

Get proxies over remoting sort of working

was: b3bef608fd0d6a4348a81a6ce0c954177b907eca

Re-enable FileSystemDeploymentServiceUnitTestCase

was: 4dbb9c3fa3545b6c802c71a032aae3a2ea1b0ec2

Repackage deployment-repository to ...deployment.repository instead of ...deployment

was: 9dd6072c056736197ad860fc444e813a811fa511

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Fix DeploymentHandlerUtil to correctly redeploy and replace

was: 9a87c11f43d531bdd03f3d61dab46e54dd161029

AS7-933 remove data-source command

was: 52568b37c63b77b39b1ed1eb1a42c78ffaa1b721

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Fix threads subsystem tests and handlers

was: a7dfa7c7915352537584fe8bf0816c4befc8372d

Rewrite read-resource-description operation handler to work with steps

was: 373d7599b79c719dcdf980130577fdc0c943bb2e

make wildcard handling the responsibility of the handler itself

was: 6b61cc4a49ad1b282287a1df1a91526dfa797929

Disable ProxyControllerTestCase pending kabir's work

was: f9c7016056be88765f4b715c6d33769f392eaa94

AS7-306 Remove references to legacy(renamed) element in jboss-deployment-structure.xml and update the deployment unit processors to setup the default ear subdeployments isolation value

was: 89c9a215ccf8935e83c5629debcc97ede834f218

don't be too strict when parsing MANIFEST.MF Dependencies attribute - allow whitespaces before & after comma

was: bd76ffe33d79516d433fd473467c135fdb75c9d9

fix tests

was: 7a3c933599419071302d4deafb35c04dda947146

Search for inherited ops child first

was: 8fe202d06c309a556e496e6956e672ded488398b

Use ProxyStepHandler to handle proxy operations and start getting proxy tests working

was: 360295ca487d88dc6eb1c7f95dd96d1e6cd072a0

AS7-810 Change DeploymentRootMountProcessor To Use Marker to Determine Whether to Mount Exploded

was: 8bb3206d740bf5f0456eb9b47db1b5371d018cb2

basic wildcard handling

was: 7dfc6ee5fe96f6a19c03c44e3ba8eb609a6d1e06

Remove dead code

was: b122e07d37d8837b4e2ad38e1486959c370662cb

add recursive rr test, don't throw OFE in bootStepHandler

was: 14f98a16dcce34a4506c777ee0fba2ba28c712da

Split up class and component processing into seperate DUP's

was: ebd002eb9c39feadc4f2966fb9a317e9414bf35d

Fix integration tests of recursive read-resource and describe ops

was: f2461e897ac30d76f2cfed11e2600b9a957f2cd8

Don't throw IOException for NewOperationContext.getAttachmentStream()

was: 10da7794729e850e101f866e430b6cb4ee56a374