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Git rid of uses of OperationBuilder.Factory

was: b807079f067b24bb2dae64944f7954dec409b101

EJB3 security integration (initial work) - WIP

was: dbcd2dc531e26a1b01b395f66281fa46f82426d4

Fix refactoring bugs

was: 2e2944f82e4142765f9e66cb73de06d9e1268b37

Further work on host controller boot

was: d801af6432ee3f995723c6a30957e4c30eeb033f

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Currently no need for batch id generation to be centralized on the server

was: fcdc76ebc9a803c4e41187b0a526caccbf8c28d0

Get rid of the crazy waits on the channel close methods

was: a01c07d5f5ea2721cf7cd9db392b804d801b97fc

Better blocking of ProxyOperationControl and OperationTransaction methods

was: 1e0880312abf695b8c4d124dd7d4f44633fa5bf0

Propagate exceptions executing request as part of the response header Rename 'execution' to 'batch' and handle the requests/responses to handle those in the header

was: 3399e2fae1e786832a9ada2b6248a50cc5531b27

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[AS7-858] Fix ServiceModuleLoader listener latch counted down before the ModuleSpec is set

was: aa2b7583fa498df6de089d12f472180b7c5ec97c

Remove unused code

was: 6b8ab0c14b228a574c148aae7f8af6e2ba515266

Initial work on a new host controller boot

was: 2d1134104be4c42ede8d85296bdba52f7baa76e4

New stage for roll-out-to-domain steps

was: 84631e20383040a9103660ee852e12cab2168f72

AS7-997, simplify welcome page and add redirect to admin console

was: 7d62c78a6627affe67c7760e3605b7973b363108

Separate config model marshalling from the actual persistence Provide the config persister info about what addresses have changed

was: 74c708d136d8dc83ce88fc2c3792b96b7f7f60b8

Cleaner way for ProxyOperationControl.operationPrepared() to wait for Tx to complete

was: c281152c2cbdec45b7e9bb0e505df2cde4aadec7

Add flags to operation registration

was: 7d27103ba571f04f65940121be206c2e716f4af0

[JBWS-3125] Refactoring integration to support deployment of JMS endpoints (contract first)

was: c9a7492ec4b58f9b29b763e61f889fc8397207e1

moved jms handlers to jms packge

was: 0e3614f0429c984a4129fb39b9cb0d461aa39cc7

moved jms handlers to jms package

was: 7e8fafff72cbf0fc71cd822c170cc9220e198732

AS7-933 add/remove xa data source

was: 5b99bd8cacfdb908f273a9d4a7b1a8b83c0cdb50

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AS7-933 add/remove xa data source

was: 980d5aee6307c770dd925faef1365aa5eb59cca2

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Get rid of unused latch

was: ae08071f3e112c0691799d5aa9ee2704f62f6f51

Always send a response header back to avoid infinite hangs when a request goes bad on the server side

was: 8ed588772bb4183044a45193ceb1f91973bb31e7

[AS7-858] Add more logging to ServiceModuleLoader

was: 46fe1863db5c53a63f4dbb69d0ae6a2069735aef

Fix merge issues following rebase to master

was: 013829f218867683656b9b46d69a3b2a7f10505d

ChannelOpenListenerService needs to add the operation handler

was: 79cb1bed7fdc5f6f97a763296ee58d08f2c944a0

Remove the nested xmlns and thread pool declarations from JCA.

was: 7e93078c679008c52d5285b18358bae3540b7a99

AS7-964 NPE when JCA subsystem parses XML

was: 1e11109223e219b5212bca345aa405a7143d5583

AS7-973 CommonXml.parseSchemaLocations fails if there is non-space whitespace in the list such as tabs

was: a4c3a2db814489fbc28023a931e56ef499750741

Merge ProtocolChannel and ProtocolChannelReceiver and make ManagementChannel not close until all current requesti executions have completed. Use executionId from request header instead of passing it in as part of the request body.

was: fcd3da010cf9185ec5c16ac1836b5aad544b3165

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