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ELY-1272 Add some null checks for useName, NamePrincipal and useAuthorizationName

[ELY-1232] - Minor fix to semaphore

[ELY-1232] - Obtaining local/server certificates when peer is not authenticated

[ELY-1232] - Wrapping SaslClientFactory in a SSLSaslClientFactory when SSLSession exists

ELY-1268: Allow creating OTPasswords using an algorithm specification and a pass phrase

ELY-1268: Change to private some method access in OneTimePasswordImpl

ELY-1268: Removed unused SaslClientFactory from testGeneratePasswordFromPassPhrase test

ELY-1268: Change OTP seed type from byte[] to String

ELY-1268: Do not require padding on read for OTP seed and hash in Elytron Filesystem realm

ELY-1268: Use International ASCII characters for encode/decode oprations for OTP algorithm parameters

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next is 1.0.0.CR2

Resolves #87: Release WildFly Elytron Tool 1.0.0.CR1

Resolves #86: Upgrade to WildFly Elytron 1.1.0CR1

Next is 1.1.0.CR2

[ELY-1270] Release WildFly Elytron 1.1.0.CR1

[ELY-1161] Wrong Exception message when non-existing alias is used for SSL in Elytron Client configuration file

Merge pull request #896 from darranl/ELY-1269

[ELY-1269] General Dependency Updates.

Merge pull request #894 from pedroigor/ELY-1230

[ELY-1230] - Fixing algorithm name when pushing credentials to SI

[ELY-1269] General Dependency Updates.

Merge pull request #891 from honza889/ELY-1255

[ELY-1255] Elytron XML certificate private-key parsing

[ELY-1230] - Using ClearPassword.ALGORITHM_CLEAR instead of just plain

Next is 1.1.0.Beta56

[ELY-1267] Release WildFly Elytron 1.1.0.Beta55

Merge pull request #893 from darranl/ELY-1265

[ELY-1265] Support converting to an X500Principal if not one already.

Merge pull request #85 from pskopek/JBEAP-11236

[JBEAP-11236] do not include any schema from wildfly elytron.

Merge pull request #84 from pskopek/masked-fix-1

Masked Password related changes

Missing imports

[JBEAP-11786] Wildfly Elytron Tool, credential-store command + --summary option doesn't show MASKed password when we set --salt and --iteration options too

[ELY-1265] Support converting to an X500Principal if not one already.

[JBEAP-11786] MASKed password cannot be used as password in Elytron Tool

Merge pull request #83 from fjuma/WFCORE-3001

[WFCORE-3001] Ensure the vault command outputs the correct credential store file when the location is specified as an implementation property

Merge pull request #82 from ivassile/ELY-1205-reopen

[ELY-1205](Reopen) Wildfly Elytron Tool, Wildfly Elytron Tool error output would contain error message rather than stacktrace.

Merge pull request #81 from ivassile/ELY-1228

[ELY-1228] Wildfly Elytron Tool, help output contains "java -jar wildfly-elytron-tool.jar" instead of "wildfly-elytron.sh/bat/ps1" script name.

Merge pull request #80 from ivassile/ELY-1231

[ELY-1231] WildFly Elytron Tool, Vault commands with --enc-dir option leads to directory which doesn't contain VAULT.dat should fail.

Merge pull request #79 from ivassile/ELY-1093

[ELY-1093] CS tool, When we try to find out if alias exists in non-existent credential store storage file then we get success message.