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[ELY-1205](Reopen) Wildfly Elytron Tool, Wildfly Elytron Tool error output would contain error message rather than stacktrace.

[ELY-1244] Fix JwtSecurityRealmTest.testUnsecuredJwt

ELY-1238 credential-store-reference with clear-text is not parsed correctly

[ELY-1215] Update the wrapper factories that support sorting of mechanism names to also accept a given ordering of mechanism names

[ELY-1186] Do not establish a realm on the server if only the default realm was offered to the client

Merge pull request #873 from pedroigor/ELY-559

[ELY-559] - Token-based authentication should forward authentication

Merge pull request #874 from dmlloyd/gss-deleg

[ELY-53] Propagate the delegated GSS credential to the authenticated identity

Merge pull request #875 from darranl/ELY-1241

[ELY-1241] Re-order main sections of elytron-1_0.xsd.

[ELY-1228] Wildfly Elytron Tool, help output contains "java -jar wildfly-elytron-tool.jar" instead of "wildfly-elytron.sh/bat/ps1" script name.

ELY-1206: Delete old rotate file audit endpoint becuase it is not longer used.

ELY-1206: Get rid of Java 7 date time API and use Java 8 API for Elytron Audit log files

ELY-1206: Added periodic-rotating and size-rotating audit endpoints

[ELY-1241] Re-order main sections of elytron-1_0.xsd.

[ELY-1231] WildFly Elytron Tool, Vault commands with --enc-dir option leads to directory which doesn't contain VAULT.dat should fail.

[ELY-559] - Token-based authentication should forward authentication

[ELY-53] Propagate the delegated GSS credential to the authenticated identity

Merge pull request #834 from dmlloyd/ely-1196-1198

Fixes for [ELY-1196] and [ELY-1198]

Merge pull request #871 from dmlloyd/ely-874

[ELY-874] Make ServerAuthenticationContext implement AutoCloseable

Merge pull request #872 from dmlloyd/ely-801

[ELY-801] Fix realm identity iteration

Merge pull request #869 from dmlloyd/ely-959

[ELY-959] Make callbacks non-serializable

Merge pull request #868 from dmlloyd/ely-967

[ELY-967] Allow authorization by Principal; clean up redundant internal methods

Merge pull request #866 from dmlloyd/ely-1212

[ELY-1212] Capture forwarded identity when authentication config is realized

Merge pull request #862 from pedroigor/ELY-1150

[ELY-1150] - Revisit branches in handleOne method in ServerAuthenticationContext.createCallbackHandler()

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

Merge pull request #861 from pedroigor/ELY-1224

[ELY-1224] - Review TokenSecurityRealm where RealmUnavailableException is thrown

Next is 1.1.0.Beta53

Revert "Revert "Revert "[ELY-1209] Temporarily restore removed methods."""

This reverts commit d07a9ca14d5a217cb5229e84a7db5759f171f642.

Revert "Revert "Revert "[ELT-1213] Temporarily restore removed methods for compatibility."""

This reverts commit e7c4e09f0b83c56a9716e6d81869f86853e1a84f.

Merge tag '1.1.0.Beta52'

[ELY-1236] Release WildFly Elytron 1.1.0.Beta52

[ELY-1236] Release WildFly Elytron 1.1.0.Beta52