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ELY-1346 HTTP BASIC auth does not use a IdentityCredentialCallback which prevents the identity from being propagated

(cherry picked from commit de334d2)

[ELY-681] Public and private javadoc generating

[ELY-1345] ExceptionInInitializerError in tests on IBM reintroduced by commit 362aa0e

Next is 1.2.0.Beta2

[ELY-1343] Release WildFly Elytron 1.2.0.Beta1

Merge pull request #960 from ppalaga/ELY-1301

[ELY-1301][ELY-1292] Pem.parsePemX509Certificate() hangs on IBM JDK,

Merge pull request #948 from honza889/callbackkindsdoc

[ELY-1341] Javadoc: callback types association with callback kinds

Merge pull request #947 from JiriOndrusek/ELY-1226-to-master

[ELY-1226] - Elytron dir-context referral mode THROW results to LdapR…

Use SonarQube GitHub integration for Elytron - Travis CI

[ELY-1344] Remove unused logging/message bundle methods.

Next is 1.0.1.CR1

Resolves #102 Release WildFly Elytron Tool 1.0.0.Final

Resolves #101 Upgrade components to their .Final versions.

Merge remote-tracking branch '1.1.x'

Next is 1.1.1.CR1

[ELY-1000] Release WildFly Elytron 1.1.0.Final

Merge remote-tracking branches 'upstream/pr/954', 'upstream/pr/955', 'upstream/pr/956' and 'upstream/pr/957' into 1.1.x

[ELY-1339] If authorization failed start the authentication process again.

[ELY-1338] Prepare the message to be logged outside of the synchronized block.

[ELY-1338] Reduce visibility of methods to avoid custom extensions outside of the package from being created.

ELY-1337 Bootclassloader defined services lead to NPE

[ELY-1335] If the HttpScope does not exist attempt to create it.

[ELY-1335] Log a trace message if a scope can not be used.

Merge remote-tracking branch '1.1.x'

Next is 1.1.0.CR7

[ELY-1334] Release WildFly Elytron 1.1.0.CR6

[ELY-1330] Ensure the server fails authentication if the client sends the "y" channel binding flag even though the server supports channel binding

[ELY-1341] Javadoc: callback types association with callback kinds

[ELY-1226] - Elytron dir-context referral mode THROW results to LdapReferralException for MS Active Directory

Merge pull request #944 from darranl/ELY-1333

[ELY-1333] Upgrade remaining component dependencies to their Final versions.