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Merge remote-tracking branch 'tool/master' into 1.x

[ELY-1827] Port changes to 1.x

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[ELY-1872] Adjust message ID to use free range from 1.x

[ELY-1877] Merge changes to offsets from 1.6.x

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[ELY-1877] Adjust the offsets used for getCallerClass so individual methods only need to compensate for how they affected the call stack without second guessing other influences.

[ELY-1872] usage with symbolic links

Merge branch '1.6.x' into 1.7.x

[ELY-1855] Add AuthenticationConfiguration#captureAuthorizationIdentity method to avoid needing an extra call to AuthenticationConfiguration#useForwardedAuthorizationIdentity

[ELY-1854] Add the ability to specify whether or not the AccessControlContext should be captured via a system property

Merge branch '1.8.x' into 1.9.x

[ELY-1826] Cannot connect to management interface with Java Security Manager enabled

[ELY-1810] Port changes from 1.6 to 1.9 to use SecurityIdentity only when testing a JACC permission.

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[ELY-1810] Only check the permission against the current SecurityIdentity if it is a JACC permission.

[ELY-1703] Intermittent failure of PrincipalMappingSuiteChild#testDnToDnVerify

[ELY-1677] Elytron Bearer Token Authentication - Return a 401 on Invalid Token

Merge pull request #1221 from ivassile/JBEAP-16151

[ELY-1702] Update mockserver-netty to 5.4.1

Merge pull request #1220 from ivassile/JBEAP-16150

[ELY-1678] Avoid NPE in AcmeClientSpi#checkContentType() and [ELY-1699] Intermittently failing AcmeClientSpiTest

[ELY-1691] Add test if Mechansim Database cover cipher suites from JDK

[ELY-1464] Use a CachedIdentity to store the SecurityIdentity in the session.

[ELY-1464] There is no advantage to using a Supplier as get() is always called within the constructors so better to pass in the Principal.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pr/1225' into ELY-1749/1.9.x

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[ELY-1711] Move the new KeyStoreUtil class to the 'wildfly-elytron-credential' module and update tests and resources accordingly

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[ELY-1686] Modify tests to account for additional negative tests

Change the principalClaimNameFunc to claimToPrincipal, a function which maps the token claims to a Principal object.

[ELY-1686] Added negative tests for filesystem-realm command

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[ELY-1686] Cleaning up messages for filesystem-realm command

ELY-1748, add support for mapping from the token claims to principal name

[ELY-1747] If programmatic authentication is successful associate the credential with the identity.

[ELY-1746] Document that the input and output streams can be null.

Restructure the WildFly Elytron Tool project in preparation for importing into WildFly Elytron.

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