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[ELY-1425] Add test case to test the implementation of the AuthConfigFactory API.

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[ELY-1660] Fix EntityTest failure on OpenJDK 9

[ELY-1642] Compilation error on JDK 11: cannot find class sun.reflect.Reflection

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Merge branch '1.1.x' into 1.2.x

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Merge pull request #1178 from hkalina/ELY-1639

[ELY-1639] algorithm, provider into key-store-ssl-certificate in Elytron XML for FIPS PKCS11

[ELY-1650][ELY-1696] Automatic detection of file based KeyStore types. Dead code removal

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[ELY-1425] Add permission checks when using JaspiAuthenticationContext.

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[ELY-1425] Allow a default RoleMapper to be associated with the SecurityIdentity.

[ELY-1425] Add TRACE logging to record the roles set by the Callbacks.

[ELY-1647] Add TRACE messages to allow debugging of the loading of the client side configuration.

[ELY-1425] Clean the Subject in reverse order to how it was populated.

[ELY-1425] Where the CallerPrincipalCallback has 'null' values don't establish a new identity.

[ELY-1425] Ensure authorization silently succeeds when non-integrated and using the existing SecurityIdentity.

[ELY-1639] algorithm, provider-name into key-store-ssl-certificate in Elytron XML

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[ELY-1639] new client XSD schema version

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[ELY-1425] Add secureResponse processing.

[ELY-1425] Additional CallbackHandler clean up to ensure an empty CallerPrincipalCallback only established anonymous if we have no existing identity.

[ELY-1425] Check if the listeners are null before iterating.

[ELY-1425] Update AuthConfigFactory.getConfigProvider to accept null arguments.

[ELY-1425] Rework to use a single CallbackHandler that can operate in integrated and not-integrated mode and rely on the SecurityDomain instead of a ServerAuthenticationContext.

[ELY-1629] Prepare for the upcoming ACME v2 account key roll-over change by sending both the oldKey and the newKey in the inner payload for a key change request

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[ELY-1637] Change ReferralMode.toString to return value

[ELY-1636] Update AcmeChallenge.Type to be able to handle unknown challenge types

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[ELY-1630] Ensure that any blank lines in the PEM certificate chain returned by an ACME server get ignored to avoid parsing issues on IBM JDK

[ELY-1425] Add support for a CallerPrincipalCallback with null Principal and name to establish the anonymous identity.

[ELY-1616] Fix conflicts and port the new test to use certificate generation utilities

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[ELY-1425] Update the JASPI AuthenticationContext so we can run in both an integrated mode or an AdHoc mode allowing the ServerAuthModules full control of identity creation.