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[ELY-1639] algorithm, provider-name into key-store-ssl-certificate in Elytron XML

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[ELY-1639] new client XSD schema version

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[ELY-1425] Add secureResponse processing.

[ELY-1425] Additional CallbackHandler clean up to ensure an empty CallerPrincipalCallback only established anonymous if we have no existing identity.

[ELY-1425] Check if the listeners are null before iterating.

[ELY-1425] Update AuthConfigFactory.getConfigProvider to accept null arguments.

[ELY-1425] Rework to use a single CallbackHandler that can operate in integrated and not-integrated mode and rely on the SecurityDomain instead of a ServerAuthenticationContext.

[ELY-1629] Prepare for the upcoming ACME v2 account key roll-over change by sending both the oldKey and the newKey in the inner payload for a key change request

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[ELY-1637] Change ReferralMode.toString to return value

[ELY-1636] Update AcmeChallenge.Type to be able to handle unknown challenge types

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[ELY-1630] Ensure that any blank lines in the PEM certificate chain returned by an ACME server get ignored to avoid parsing issues on IBM JDK

[ELY-1425] Add support for a CallerPrincipalCallback with null Principal and name to establish the anonymous identity.

[ELY-1616] Fix conflicts and port the new test to use certificate generation utilities

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[ELY-1425] Update the JASPI AuthenticationContext so we can run in both an integrated mode or an AdHoc mode allowing the ServerAuthModules full control of identity creation.

[ELY-1425] Allow the rolesCategory to be specified for where the ServerAuthModule uses the GroupPrincipalCallback.

[ELY-1425] Rename JaspicConfigurationBuilder to JaspiConfigurationBuilder to be consistent with naming used elsewhere.

[ELY-1425] Make MessageInfo public for accessibility (Still within a private package so not public API).

[ELY-1622] Ensure ConfigurationKeyManager.Builder gets used even when no key-store-ssl-certificate is specified

[ELY-1620] Support of enumerated into ASN1Decoder

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[ELY-1425] The servlet container integration provides the CallbackHandler which wraps the SecurityDomain of the deployment so a reference to a SecurityDomain is not required here.

[ELY-1617] OCSP tests, SSLAuthenticationTest refac

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[ELY-1618] Avoid NPE in Protocol.forName() when the protocol name is null

[ELY-1425] Re-distribute the JASPIC implementation classes allowing for a public / private API split.

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[ELY-1618] Make Protocol.forName() case insensitive to allow TLS to work properly when using the Bouncy Castle JSSE provider

[ELY-1616] ldap-key-store requires attribute userPKCS12 on ldap entry, even if it should be mandatory

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[ELY-1425] Add a Delegating AuthConfigFactory implementation that can make use of the Elytron AuthconfigFactory implementation but also optionally fallback to a backup implementation.

Merge pull request #1159 from fjuma/ELY-1604

[ELY-1604] Implement the client side of Let's Encrypt's Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol