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Merge pull request #176 from jamezp/WFLY-11031

[WFLY-11031] Add proposal for JSON access logging.

Merge pull request #161 from TomasHofman/WFLY-11404

WFLY-11404 Add journal-file-open-timeout attribute to messaging server

[WFLY-12038] Expose the enable1Prefixes configuration on external (pooled) connection factories.

Jira: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-12038

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Merge pull request #190 from jmesnil/WFLY-11529_expose_wildfly_metrics

[WFLY-11529] Expose WildFly metrics

Merge pull request #181 from jamezp/WFCORE-4355

[WFCORE-4355] Add proposal for event-logging API.

Merge pull request #193 from darranl/WFCORE-3542_WFCORE-3832

[WFCORE-3542] / [WFCORE-3832] Add support for mod_crypt password and …

[WFCORE-4361] Enhanced mapping of an X509Certificate to the underlying identity

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    • +175
Merge pull request #129 from darranl/WFLY-7186

[WFLY-7186] Add analysis for supporting the Security API defined under JSR-375 with WildFly Elytron.

HAL-1578: Customise Browser Title

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Merge pull request #177 from jamezp/WFCORE-4332

[WFCORE-4332] Proposal for adding a named-formatter attribute to the …

[WFCORE-3542] / [WFCORE-3832] Add support for mod_crypt password and the hex encoding of passwords and salts to the JDBC SecurityRealm.

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[WFCORE-4362] Make the certificate authority used by a certificate-authority-account configurable

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Merge pull request #173 from jfdenise/master

Proposal for WFCORE-4305, CLI, new option to enable properties resolution

[WFLY-11529] Expose WildFly metrics

* Add requirement that the `management` interface must be accessible by

clients that queries the `/metrics` endpoint.

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-11529

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Merge pull request #135 from pferraro/WFLY-11098

WFLY-11098 Singleton service election listeners

Merge pull request #114 from pferraro/WFLY-5497

WFLY-5497 Add <distributable/> to shared-session-config schema

Merge pull request #111 from pferraro/WFLY-5550

WFLY-5550 Distributable Web subsystem

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    • +123
[WFLY-11829]: Support messaging clusters (Artemis Clusters) behind http load balancers.

* Adding a new attribute in 'all' cf and pcf to avoid sending the

internal topologies to the clients.

Jira: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-11829

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    • +71
Merge pull request #55 from bstansberry/WFCORE-3769

[WFCORE-3769][WFLY-10305] Use Galleon for the build

[WFCORE-4355] Add proposal for event-logging API.

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[WFCORE-4332] Proposal for adding a named-formatter attribute to the syslog-handler.

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    • +62
[WFLY-11031] Add proposal for JSON access logging.

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    • +76
Merge pull request #155 from rhusar/WFLY-10769

WFLY-10769 Integrate mod_cluster ramp-up mechanism when starting new …

Merge pull request #134 from pferraro/WFLY-10832

WFLY-10832 Determine the primary provider of Singleton Service using CLI

Record who will do the testing in the test plan

Merge pull request #172 from fl4via/master

[WFLY-11622] Multiple delivery group support for Message Driven Beans

Merge pull request #165 from claudio4j/EAP7-1164_Show_notification_of_non_progressing_operations

EAP7-1164 Show notification of non progressing operations

Merge pull request #144 from claudio4j/EAP7-1134_Update_Modcluster_view

EAP7-1134 Update Modcluster view for new resources load-provider

Merge pull request #142 from claudio4j/EAP7-1132_Replace_list-log-files

EAP7-1132 Replace 'list-log-files' with using the 'log-file' resource