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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.12.2-GA

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project versions updated

[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 1.12.2-GA

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.12.2-GA

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EXOJCR-753 deps on kernel 2.2.2-GA, core 2.3.2-GA, ws 2.1.2-GA

EXOJCR-753 JCR core pom with forkMode-true for devtests

EXOJCR-754: revert changes

EXOJCR-392: EXOJCR-392 and EXOJCR-766 changes reverted

EXOJCR-392: Implemented - check all items in cache is it descendant of reordered node.

EXOJCR-766: QPathEntry - equals() method added

EXOJCR-754: close statements

JCR-1390: Added Logging Information for indicating that a Node with its versionHistory import was successfully done or not.

EXOJCR-766: TestQPath.java added

EXOJCR-763: Samename nodes reordering now updates all child in cache.

EXOJCR-762 : Add checking repository exists before start restore repository.

EXOJCR-763: TestOrderBeforeOnTree added

EXOJCR-735 : Code formatting.

EXOJCR-735 : Refactoring method RepositoryContainer.registerWorkspacesComponents(). Remove unused WorkspaceOrderComparator.

EXOJCR-735 : Add merge extend configuration with persisted config.

EXOJCR-731: move ws doc to docboof format

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EXOJCR-735 : Problem with "not using configuration from persister" was fixed.

EXOJCR-754: close PreparedStatement on connection close

EXOJCR-736: Problems with anonymous entrance on FTP and NPE

EXOJCR-739 Readme updated

EXOJCR-741 Scripts and assembliy updated to not contain the version of product; deploy moved to a separate pfrofile; readme added

EXOJCR-157: Disable deleting of the repository which is set as default

EXOJCR-668 default values format validation added on NT registration EXOJCR-740 constraint ranges support added; BOOLEAN constraint support added

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EXOJCR-739 Readme updated

Readme updated