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EXOJCR-747 : Make backup restore easier implementation.

EXOJCR-979: lock/unlock operations now checks does session have SET_PROPERTY permission

EXOJCR-747: during cleaning database need to use current configuration of repository/workspace

EXOJCR-747 : Make backup restore easier implementation.

EXOJCR-747: when try to register component in parent container first try to unregister it, It useful in case when try to register system workspace during restore.

EXOJCR-747: avoid using static methods of DBCLeanerService

EXOJCR-747 : Make backup restore easier implementation.

EXOJCR-941 : The method removeDefaultRepository() was changed to public.

EXOJCR-940 : The method removeSystemWorkspace() was changed to public.

JCR-1461: Remove timestamp from names of jar-files in application bundles

EXOJCR-952 : committing changes related to EXOJCR-609 into the trunk (from former branches/1.14.x)

EXOJCR-981: remove timestamp from jar names in application bundle

EXOJCR-939: fix doc and comments

EXOJCR-939: set svn:keywords for added files

EXOJCR-939: refactoring

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EXOJCR-959: add release notes

JCR-1449: possibility to get property of a node if it has a child node with the same name with the property

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EXOJCR-954: add old methods without ItemType as parameter

JCR-1453: adding required nodetypes and namespaces

JCR-1450: remove JCR organization nodetypes from projects where it not used by default

KER-162: Adapt EXOJCR-974 for kernel 2.2.x

EXOJCR-974: ignore.unregistered.webapp has been added at PortalContainerConfig definition to be able to remain compatible with the requirements of EXOJCR 795 needed for PLF (implementation and doc about this parameter)

EXOJCR-961: During restore some nodes will remain and not be deleted.

EXOJCR-973 : fix test

EXOJCR-963: doc added

EXOJCR-959: ra.xml: change on trunk version

EXOJCR-959: change dependency on trunk

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.14.0-Beta02

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EXOJCR-959: change version on 1.14.0-Beta02-SNAPSHOT